Month of Aviv / Abib

aviv-abib-new-moonUnderstanding the month of Abib or Aviv and the start of Yehovah’s calendar is essential, as it will affect the correct timing of all His other feasts as well. The faithful servants of Yehovah are to be waiting and watching for the master’s return. The abib (aviv) is how we sync our schedule with His.

Rarely do I find a movie that does such an excellent job of teaching a Biblical principle without trashing another so terribly that I can not share it with those I love in good conscience.

I hope that you will enjoy this wonderful presentation as much as I did.

Month of Abib (Aviv)

Passover and the Process of Becoming as One Born in the Land

Creation of ‘the man’

Creation of woman

Wanted: A Woman of Worth

2 thoughts on “Month of Aviv / Abib

  1. Good teaching for anyone new just learning, and refreshing for others who already know some truth about it. Very interesting, have enjoyed it.. Thank you !

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