4 thoughts on “The Deception of Many

  1. This is a very good few minutes spent. Just needs to be taken to heart and worked into our lives today. Yahovah is long suffering although there will come an end to the alloted time we have been given. Leading people in the way of Righteousness is something we need to listen as our Eloheim directs our paths for His namesake. Be available!

  2. Yes, thank you as we know that many hirelings are out there in great popularity. These are the shepherds mentioned in Jeremiah of the last days. There will be many false prophets also which will be deceived and deceiving. I thank YHWH for you! ~~~Have a very blessed Sabbath. I am sure thanking our Father for keeping us in this evil time.

  3. Amen amen,very good video.we are in endtimes. We must fall on our knees and repent. Time is so short all. Shalom

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