Loving God 101

Basic information to the faith that Jesus (Yeshua) taught is that we are to leave the doctrines and traditions of men and to love Yehovah (the LORD) our God (Elohim) with all our heart and with all our souls and with all our minds. But what does that really mean?

Few people really understand that Yeshua was not “coming up” with some new teaching but instead he was quoting, word for word, right out of the Deuteronomy. What Yeshua said was so foundational to our faith that we would be lost without a true picture of what he meant. I had a false image in my mind that needed to be toppled before I could be set free.

If I had learned the principles that are taught in this free video teaching called “Loving God 101,” I would have been set free in 1975 when I recommitted my life to the Elohim of Yeshua; but I was not. Instead I was taught the traditions and doctrines of men which left me in bondage to sin for the next 25 years and finally resulted in the loss of my precious family. If you would allow me, I would like to spare you much pain in the future. The information contained in this video is for every tribe, nation, tongue and people; past, present and future.

2 thoughts on “Loving God 101

  1. I just finished listening to your study and find it to be an excellent work of pure truth which is so easily understood. You explained the words so well with dictionary references and diagrams and lots of scripture too….good job!
    Yes, this helped me have a better grip on my understanding…..which I needed! I’m encouraged to boldly share what I believe now.
    There’s some confussion when we hear so many different studies done by several men, and women, and they each have a bit of a different slant on some beliefs. I’m speaking only of the Messianic teachings now. How can followers of YHVH be convinced in their own beliefs and yet differ? The “Holy Spirit” is our teacher, so how can we all have a different idea on some things? Are we not all hearing the same truths? These are questions that have been bothering me…even though I understand that “man” is not perfect even when led by the Spirit of YHVH. Do you have a ‘clue’?
    Thanks so much for sharing your studies with us!

  2. Thanks Michael, good teaching, lots to chew on for those on milk etc. but thorough.

    Shalom my brother

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