Free 32GB thumb drive & 300+ hours of Torah teaching

Thumb driveI need your help; and you need mine more than you know. With a $100 or more donation to my work, I am giving a brand new 32GB USB  2.0 flash memory stick which is loaded with over 300+ hours of my Completed Torah teaching (all of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy verse by verse) plus my complete “Born Again” series all in mp3. Now you can share these mp3s with all your friends and loved ones.

[Please note: All these teachings are available for individual download on my site but this is a way to get them all at one time and assist me in my work.]

Laugh with me, weep with me, join me as I rail against the darkness of this world and rejoice with the coming of the light of Yehovah’s word and ways into the lives of those who want to become His called-out people. You will rekindle your love for Yehovah and His word and your life will never be the same once you learn His unchanging message. You will begin to see things in His word that you have never seen before because of the increase in your knowledge and understanding.

If you already have an mp3 player or another way to play these audios it would be far more efficient with my time and resources if I can deliver these files to you over the net for your mp3 player. And, in this way, I will be able to send not only my past Sabbath teachings, but all my future ones as well.

Please, help me as I help you and those you care about. The best way for me to receive a donation is by check or money order made out to “Providence Ministries” and mailed to:

Providence Ministries
8825 34th Ave. NE, L-406
Tulalip, Washington 98271

You can also give via PayPal by copying the email address below
provmin[@] (minus the brackets [])
and then going to this link:

 I need your help; very few people ever give back to me.


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