Getting Started

New to Hebrew roots and just getting started in the faith that Yeshua (Jesus) lived and taught? Here is series of FIVE progressive articles and videos designed to teach people how to study and understand the word for themselves.

We have all been trained to walk on the broad road; we have gone to broad road schools, watched broad road TV, listened to broad road radio and read broad road newspapers. We have become civilized according to the doctrines and commandments and traditions of men and have never learned the ways of Yehovah (the LORD). Now is the time to repent, join ourselves to Yehovah’s people, True Israel and begin our walk on the narrow road.

The first thing everyone needs is a great Bible study Program; e-Sword is Free and very powerful. You MUST have it and learn to use it if you want to learn to be holy as Yehovah is holy.

Now we must find out who this “Church,” this ecclesia, this “called out People of Yehovah Elohim” are. To do this, please read Defining the Church.

Yeshua said we are to love Yehovah with all our heart, and with all our soul, and with all our mind and with all our strength. Loving Yehovah God 101 will describe what that admonition really means.

Next, in order to move ahead we must learn the Precepts of the Word. They are the firm and unchanging foundations of the faith that Yeshua lived and taught.

Finally, Yeshua (Jesus) told Nicodemus “You must be Born Again.” But what does it mean to be “Born Again”? We all have our own religious and traditional ideas; but what is it’s scriptural basis? We know that it’s roots must come from the law and the prophets, since Yeshua rebuked Nicodemus for being a teacher of Israel and not understanding this second birth. Many claim they are, but have no clue what they are born into or how. The Process of Becoming Born Again is described here!

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