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Genesis 2 – Creation Of “The Man” And His Woman

Genesis 2 reveals much about the duties and responsibilities for a man and his woman. Failure to understand these principles will corrupt all our further “understandings” and lead us in ways that Yehovah never intended.

Was it the man or his woman who was created in Yehovah’s image? Why is it that practically every time in this chapter my New King James Version says either “Adam” or “man” when the Hebrew says that it should say “the man”? And the 2 times that the NKJV actually translates “man” correctly was when it was a different Hebrew word altogether (אישׁ – eesh).

Who was it that Yehovah spoke to, “the man” or his woman ? What were the circumstances concerning the creation of ‘the man’ and his woman in Genesis 2? Why was she created? What does “bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh actually mean”? What does it mean when a man becomes “one flesh” with his woman?

The answers to all these questions will be found as we go through this material in Genesis 2.

Genesis 2 – Creation Of “The Man” And His Woman

2G02 Genesis 2
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  1. I thank you brother for leading me to many truths which were not known to me now I stand more clear in knowing more I wish to learn more
    Yah bless you

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