The Spiritual Son Is Born

the spiritual son is born
Abraham is now 99 years old. The messengers of Yehovah came to him on the moed (the Time of Life / the Passover) to tell him that Sarah is going to bear a son at the Time of Life the following year. Abraham has been told by Yehovah several times that he is going to be the father of many nations. Twelve months and counting until the spiritual son (who is a shadow picture of all Yehovah’s spiritual sons, His ezrach who are born a second time at the Passover each year) is born.

But Abraham has this spring gone to Gerar, to the kingdom of the Philistines and their king, Abimelech. When he gets there he begins to fear for his life and commands Sarah to say that she is his sister, instead of his wife. She really is his niece, the daughter of Haran who is Abraham’s brother. Yes – he lied!

THIS, is the climax of the story, the time that Sarah must be impregnated by Abraham to bear the spiritual son and she has just been given to Abimelech as HIS wife. Augh!

What Yehovah does to deliver Sarah and restore her to Abraham is an amazing story, especially in Yasher; and in Genesis 20 the discerning eye will see that much is missed in the English translations of the Hebrew scriptures.

What Yehovah says, Yehovah does! And in the 4th month Yehovah visited Sarah and she bore the spiritual son, Isaac, at the set time, the moed, as Elohim (Abraham’s lawmaker and judge) had spoken.

And Yehovah visited Sarah as He had said, and Yehovah did for Sarah as He had spoken. For Sarah conceived and bore Abraham a son in his old age, at the set time of which Elohim had spoken to him. (Gen 21:1-2)

Yasher 21:1 And in the fourth month of Abraham’s dwelling in the land of the Philistines in Gerar, that Elohim visited Sarah, and Yehovah remembered her, and she conceived and bare a son to Abraham.

Genesis 21 tells the story of the great feast which Abraham gave when Isaac was weaned but we have no clue in Torah as to how great a feast this was. Yasher fills in these details marvelously!

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2G25 Genesis 20 & Yasher 20
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