Esau Hates Jacob

ESau hates JacobEsau hates Jacob, and he always will! The man who lives out his life in the flesh, will always hate the man who lives his life in the spirit. Esau was circumcised, he knew many of the commandments of Yehovah; BUT, he did not know Yehovah or serve Him.

An unjust man is an abomination to the righteous, and he who is upright in the way is an abomination to the wicked. (Pro 29:27)

The righteous perishes, and no man takes it to heart; merciful men are taken away, while no one considers that the righteous is taken away from evil. (Isa 57:1)

Esau hates Jacob and tries to thwart him at every opportunity. Today we will see that he tried to kill Jacob after he received the blessing, when he came back from hiding at the house of Eber and while on his way to Haran.

Esau Hates Jacob And Tried To Have Him Murdered

Yasher 29:10 And Esau said, Is he not rightly called Jacob? for he has supplanted me twice, he took away my birthright and now he has taken away my blessing; and Esau wept greatly; and when Isaac heard the voice of his son Esau weeping, Isaac said unto Esau, What can I do, my son, thy brother came with subtlety and took away thy blessing; and Esau hated his brother Jacob on account of the blessing that his father had given him, and his anger was greatly roused against him.
11 And Jacob was very much afraid of his brother Esau, and he rose up and fled to the house of Eber the son of Shem, and he concealed himself there on account of his brother, and Jacob was sixty-three years old when he went forth from the land of Canaan from Hebron, and Jacob was concealed in Eber’s house fourteen years on account of his brother Esau, and he there continued to learn the ways of Yehovah and his commandments.

Now Jacob and Esau are 77 and Jacob is returning home.

Yasher 29:20 And at the end of fourteen years of Jacob’s residing in the house of Eber, Jacob desired to see his father and mother, and Jacob came to the house of his father and mother to Hebron, and Esau had in those days forgotten what Jacob had done to him in having taken the blessing from him in those days.
21 And when Esau saw Jacob coming to his father and mother he remembered what Jacob had done to him, and he was greatly incensed against him and he sought to slay him.
22 And Isaac the son of Abraham was old and advanced in days, and Esau said, Now my father’s time is drawing nigh that he must die, and when he shall die I will slay my brother Jacob.

When Rebecca hears of this, she speaks to Jacob and says, “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Yasher 29:23 And this was told to Rebecca, and she hastened and sent and called for Jacob her son, and she said unto him, Arise, go and flee to Haran to my brother Laban, and remain there for some time, until thy brother’s anger be turned from thee and then shalt thou come back.

Then Isaac tells Jacob to go to Haran and take a woman from the daughters of Laban, his mother’s brother; Laban only has two twin daughters who were born to him when Jacob was 56. He also gives Jacob some advice that we (men) need to take to heart.

Yasher 29:25 Now therefore my son hearken to my voice, to all that I shall command thee, and refrain from taking a woman from amongst the daughters of Canaan. Arise, go to Haran to the house of Bethuel thy mother’s father, and take unto thee a woman from there from the daughters of Laban thy mother’s brother.
26 Therefore take heed lest thou should forget Yehovah thy Elohim [thy lawmaker and judge] and all his ways in the land to which thou goes, and should get connected with the people of the land and pursue vanity and forsake Yehovah thy Elohim.
27 But when thou comes to the land serve their Yehovah, do not turn to the right or to the left from the way which I commanded thee and which thou didst learn.
28 And may the Almighty El [El Shaddai] grant thee favor in the sight of the people of the earth, that thou may take there a woman according to thy choice; one who is good and upright in the ways of Yehovah.

Issac sent Jacob away with many gifts.

Yasher 29:30 And Isaac finished commanding Jacob and blessing him, and he gave him many gifts, together with silver and gold, and he sent him away; and Jacob hearkened to his father and mother; he kissed them and arose and went to Padan-aram; and Jacob was seventy-seven years old when he went out from the land of Canaan from Beersheba.

Oh, How Esau Hates Jacob!

But Jacob was followed by Eliphaz, Esau’s 1st born son, and ten men who planned to kill him.

Yasher 29:31 And when Jacob went away to go to Haran Esau called unto his son Eliphaz, and secretly spoke unto him, saying, Now hasten, take thy sword in thy hand and pursue Jacob and pass before him in the road, and lurk for him, and slay him with thy sword in one of the mountains, and take all belonging to him and come back.

33 And Eliphaz did as his father had commanded him, and Eliphaz was at that time thirteen years old, and Eliphaz rose up and went and took ten of his mother’s brothers with him and pursued Jacob.

Because Esau hate Jacob so much, Eliphaz was under strict orders from Esau to kill Jacob, but Yehovah intervened.

Yasher 29:38 And Yehovah caused Jacob to find favor in the sight of Eliphaz the son of Esau, and his men, and they hearkened to the voice of Jacob, and they did not put him to death, and Eliphaz and his men took all belonging to Jacob together with the silver and gold that he had brought with him from Beersheba; they left him nothing.

Yasher 29:40 And Esau was indignant at Eliphaz his son, and at his men that were with him, because they had not put Jacob to death.

Jacob was supposed to arrive in Haran as a man of substance; but now he was a sheckleless wanderer on his way south, back to Isaac. It is here that Yehovah meets him at Luz, a.k.a. Bethel, in the night.

Yasher 30:1 … and Yehovah appeared there unto Jacob on that night, and he said unto him, I am Yehovah Elohim of Abraham and the Elohim of Isaac thy father; the land upon which thou liest I will give unto thee and thy seed.
2 And behold I am with thee and will keep thee wherever thou goes, and I will multiply thy seed as the stars of Heaven, and I will cause all thine enemies to fall before thee; and when they shall make war with thee they shall not prevail over thee, and I will bring thee again unto this land with joy, with sons, and with great riches.

Well, of course, Jacob did turn around and head back north to Haran. He is going to begin his new life there with nothing but Isaac’s blessing and Yehovah’s promise. Ha – that works for me!

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Esau Hates Jacob

2G34 Genesis 28-30.16 and Yasher 29.24-30.4 – Esau Hates Jacob
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