Joseph Ruled Egypt For 80 Years

Joseph ruled egyptJoseph ruled Egypt from the time he interpreted Pharaoh’s dream (30) until his death (110).

Joseph was 56 when his father Jacob and his wicked uncle Esau died at 147. The Pharaoh that raised Joseph up, above everyone in his land, loved him so much that he gave him charge over his son Magron after his death and asked Joseph (71) to be a father to him and to guide him. So Joseph ruled Egypt for an additional 39 years. Here is a link to my Joseph timeline.

I love the book of Yasher; it has helped me make sense of many things in Torah, and in the book Joshua, that just were not clear until I heard the rest of the story from it. Much of the next 4 lessons come from Yasher and you will see that they provide great light for those who search Yehovah’s word as a man searches for silver and fine gold. Of course neither of those precious commodities are just lying around waiting to be picked up. But I have searched them out and found some very precious pieces, and I am doing my best to help you find them as well.

Joseph Ruled Egypt And The Surrounding Countries

Concerning the death of Pharaoh, Yasher says,

Yasher 58:1 And it came to pass in the thirty-second year of the Israelites going down to Egypt, that is in the seventy-first year of the life of Joseph, in that year died Pharaoh king of Egypt, and Magron his son reigned in his stead.
2 And Pharaoh commanded Joseph before his death to be a father to his son, Magron [41], and that Magron should be under the care of Joseph and under his counsel.

Yasher 58:6 And Joseph became king over Egypt, for he superintended over all Egypt, and all Egypt was under his care and under his counsel, for all Egypt inclined to Joseph after the death of Pharaoh, and they loved him exceedingly to reign over them.

Yasher 58:9 And Pharaoh king of Egypt sat upon his throne in his father’s stead, but he was under the control and counsel of Joseph, as he was at first under the control of his father.
10 Neither did he reign but in the land of Egypt only, under the counsel of Joseph, but Joseph reigned over the whole country at that time, from Egypt unto the great river Perath.
11 And Joseph was successful in all his ways, and Yehovah was with him, and Yehovah gave Joseph additional wisdom, and honor, and glory, and love toward him in the hearts of the Egyptians and throughout the land, and Joseph ruled Egypt forty years.

Concerning the sons of Jacob, Yasher says,

Yasher 58:13 And also all his brethren the sons of Jacob dwelt securely in the land, all the days of Joseph, and they were fruitful and multiplied exceedingly in the land, and they served Yehovah all their days, as their father Jacob had commanded them.

But trouble was afoot in the 89th year that Joseph ruled Egypt. Joseph still held  Zepho, the son of Eliphaz, and his men as slaves in Egypt (now for 33 years), and the sons of Esau were not happy about it and rallied 4 nations (800,000 men) to fight Egypt and the sons of Jacob.

Yasher 58:17 And all this people assembled and came unto Seir to assist the sons of Esau in their battle, and this camp was very large and heavy with people, numerous as the sand of the sea, about eight hundred thousand men, infantry and cavalry, and all these troops went down to Egypt to fight with the sons of Jacob, and they encamped by Rameses.

But Joseph went out with only 600 men to fight them and killed 200,000 men.

Yasher 58:18 And Joseph went forth with his brethren with the mighty men of Egypt, about six hundred men, and they fought with them in the land of Rameses; and the sons of Jacob at that time again fought with the sons of Esau, in the fiftieth year of the sons of Jacob going down to Egypt, that is the thirtieth year of the reign of Bela over the sons of Esau in Seir.
19 And Yehovah gave all the mighty men of Esau and the sons of the east into the hand of Joseph and his brethren, and the people of the sons of Esau and the sons of the east were smitten before Joseph.
20 And of the people of Esau and the sons of the east that were slain, there fell before the sons of Jacob about two hundred thousand men, and their king Bela the son of Beor fell with them in the battle, and when the sons of Esau saw that their king had fallen in battle and was dead, their hands became weak in the combat.

The losses on Joseph’s side were only 12 Egyptians, and all Joseph’s brethren returned to Egypt safely.

Yasher 58:23 And Joseph and all his brethren returned to Egypt, not one man was missing from them, but of the Egyptians there fell twelve men.

Truly, Yehovah led Joseph all the days of his life and all of Jacob’s sons were blessed when Joseph ruled Egypt. But after Joseph’s death the tide began to turn for Jacob’s sons and in my recording we will see the beginning of that change.

Joseph Ruled Egypt For 80 Years

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