There Arose A new King Over Egypt

Exodus 1, Yasher 63, Yasher 64, Yasher 65, Yasher 66, new king over EgyptNow there arose a new king over Egypt, who did not know Joseph. And he said to his people, “Look, the people, Israel’s son/seed are more and mightier than we.” (Exo 1:8-9)

Today we will spend most of our time in Yasher and go through only chapter 1 of Exodus. I love Yasher because it fills in many gaps that are missing in Torah. For instance,  the new king over Egypt said, “Look, the people, Israel’s seed are more and mightier than we.” Why did he say that? And what caused this fear to rise up in them?

If you will recall, Joseph died in our 71st year in Egypt after ruling in Egypt for 80 years.

Yasher 59:25 And it came to pass after this that Joseph died in that year, the 71st year of the Israelites going down to Egypt.

And after Joseph’s death, the Pharaoh, who he was a father to, ruled over Egypt for 1 additional year. But there was yet another king that rose up, our third king, who did know Joseph and his brethren who ruled for 30 more years.

A New King Over Egypt Arose

Now, in our 102 year, a new king over Egypt who truly did not know Joseph or his brethren and the good thing they had done takes the throne. He was born 11 years before Levi (the last of Jacob’s sons) died and took the helm of Egypt at 20, 9 years later.

Yasher 63:1 And in the ninety-third year of Jacob’s seed in Egypt died Levi, and Levi was a hundred and thirty-seven years old when he died, and they put him into a coffin and he was given into the hands of his sons.
2 And it came to pass after the death of Levi, when all Egypt saw that Jacob’s seed, the brethren of Joseph, were dead, all the Egyptians began to afflict Jacob’s seed, and to embitter their lives from that day
unto the day of their going forth from Egypt (still 108 years from now), and they took from their hands all the vineyards and fields which Joseph had given unto them, and all the elegant houses in which the people of Israel lived, and all the fat of Egypt, the Egyptians took all from Jacob’s seed in those days.
3 And the hand of all Egypt became more grievous in those days against Israel’s seed, and the Egyptians injured the Israelites until Israel’s seed were wearied of their lives on account of the Egyptians.
4 And it came to pass in those days, in the 102nd year of Israel’s going down to Egypt, that Pharaoh king of Egypt died, and Melol his son reigned in his stead, and all the mighty men of Egypt and all that generation which knew Joseph and his brethren died in those days.
5 And another generation rose up in their stead, which had not known Jacob’s sons and all the good which they had done for them, and all their might in Egypt.

Yasher 63:9 Melol was twenty years old when he began to reign, and he reigned ninety-four years, and all Egypt called his name Pharaoh after the name of his father, as it was their custom to do to every king who reigned over them in Egypt.

But old grudges die-hard.  And Zepho, the son of Eliphaz, the son of Esau, the new king of Chittim (Rome) who was taken captive when Esau’s seed fought Israel’s seed at Jacob’s burial has renewed his courage now that Levi, the last of Jacob’s sons is dead. He is now raising yet another multitude of men (4 nations) to fight against Egypt.

Yasher 64:14 And Esau’s seed hearkened to the words of Zepho, and Esau’s seed gathered themselves together, a very great people, and they went to assist Zepho and Chittim’s seed in battle.
15 And Zepho sent to all the east’s seed [Abraham’s seed through Katurah] and to all Ishmael’s seed with words like unto these, and they gathered themselves and came to the assistance of Zepho and Chittim’s seed in the war upon Egypt.
16 And all these kings, the king of Edom and the east’s seed, and all Ishmael’s seed, and Zepho the king of Chittim went forth and arrayed all their hosts in Hebron.
17 And the camp was very heavy, extending in length a distance of three days’ journey, a people numerous as the sand upon the sea-shore which can not be counted.

The new king over Egypt (Melol) now raises his army of 300,000 men to battle and asks Israel’s seed to join them; and we came with 150 men.

Yasher 64:19 And all Egypt heard their report, and they also gathered themselves together, all the people of the land of Egypt, and of all the cities belonging to Egypt, about three hundred thousand men.
20 And the men of Egypt sent also to Israel’s seed who were in those days in the land of Goshen, to come to them in order to go and fight with these kings.

But Egypt fears that we will fight against them because we are related to Esau, Ishmael and Abraham’s seed through Katurah (the East’s seed). Soon the battle turns against Egypt and they cry to Israel’s seed for help. And with 150 men we began to rapidly destroy an army that is over a 10.000 times larger, while Egypt ran away and left us to fight alone.

Yasher 64:31 And all the Egyptians fought with these kings opposite Pathros and Tachpanches, and the battle was severe against the Egyptians.

Yasher 64:33 And all the Egyptians cried unto Israel’s seed, saying, Hasten to us and assist us and save us from the hand of Esau, Ishmael and the sons of Chittim.
34 And the hundred and fifty men of Israel’s seed ran from their station to the camps of these kings, and Israel’s seed cried unto Yehovah, their Elohim to deliver them.

Yasher 64:37 And all the hosts of the kings fled from before Israel’s seed and Israel’s seed pursued them continuing to smite them unto the borders of the land of Cush.
38 And Israel’s seed slew of them in the road yet two thousand men, and of Israel’s seed not one fell.

After the battle Israel’s seed killed “about 200 men” of the Egyptians for running away and leaving us to fight alone. Because of that day all Egypt knew that Israel’s seed was a force to be reckoned with. And now we know the rest of the story.

Now there arose a new king over Egypt, who did not know Joseph. And he said to his people, “Look, the people, Israel’s seed are more and mightier than we.” (Exo 1:8-9)

There is much more that we talk about in this Sabbath lesson, but you will have to watch the video or listen to this audio to find out.

New King Over Egypt Arose

2E02 Genesis 1:15-22 and Yasher 63:15–66
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