Mysterious Word TODAY In Deuteronomy

Approximately 50 times Moses talks about this mysterious word TODAY in Deuteronomy.

Our lesson began with us seeing, what appears to be, two covenants which Yehovah made with Israel’s seed (falsely know as “the children of Israel”).  One covenant  was made at Horeb/Sinai (with the Elohim on the mountain) and another covenant in Moab.

These are the words of the covenant which Yehovah commanded Moses to make with Israel’s seed in the land of Moab, separate from the covenant which He made with them in Horeb. (Deu 29:1)

Has Yehovah really made two covenants with Israel’s seed? What does it take to make a covenant with Yehovah? And how does Passover fit into these understandings?

A covenant, a ber·eeth, requires the slaughter of an animal. Did that happen with these men in Moab?

Moses starts using this mysterious word TODAY in Deuteronomy 1 and continues through chapter 32.

Today in DeuteronomyYehovah, your Elohim has multiplied you, and here you are today, as the stars of heaven in multitude. (Deu 1:10)

But you who held fast to Yehovah, your Elohim are alive today, every one of you. (Deu 4:4)

To whom is Moses speaking?

“Therefore you shall love Yehovah, your Elohim, and keep His charge, His statutes, His judgments, and His commandments always. Know today that I do not speak with your sons, who have not known and who have not seen the chastening of Yehovah, your Elohim, His greatness and His mighty hand and His outstretched arm—His signs and His acts which He did in the midst of Egypt, to Pharaoh king of Egypt, and to all his land. (Deu 11:1-3)

Because we have failed to see just who the men are who have Yehovah as their only Elohim; we have created many false images in or minds that prevent us from gaining even deeper understandings concerning Yehovah’s word and ways..

What day is this mysterious TODAY in Deuteronomy and what makes it special? And why is there so much written in Deuteronomy that DOES NOT agree with Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers? Is it possible that these two questions have related answers?

We had much to talk about this week and I hope you will enjoy this lesson as much as we did.

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Mysterious Word TODAY In Deuteronomy

2D16 Deuteronomy 29 – 31
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