And God Said

And God Said …

For me, learning the first 3 chapters of Genesis was foundational in helping me to understand so much more of Yehovah’s word and ways given through Moses and His other prophets.

I do not use the word “God” except as a teaching tool, and always replace it with the Hebrew word “Elohim” (lawmaker and judge) when I read that word. But for purposes of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) I have chosen to use it here.

In Verse 2 the Creator of all things is described as ruach Elohim (רוח אלהים), He is spirit and His words which were given to us through Moses and the prophets are for us to know and love Him.

and god saidIn the 1st chapter of Genesis the words “and God said” appears 9 times

and God said,” “and God said,” “and God said,” “and God said,” …

For most people, what spirit Elohim has to say is not important. But for those who want to learn the ways that lead to life and for those of us who have come to understand that what He says, He does, His words are very important and foundational to how we choose to live.

Learning and understanding Yehovah’s word is a great adventure, and as we go through it verse by verse we will come to know and love spirit Elohim. He is a gentleman who leads us gradually through His word into deeper and deeper understandings.

Learn with me, laugh with me, weep with me, rail with me at the darkness we will come to find ourselves in and finally, rejoice with me at the coming of the light of righteousness in our lives. Our journey begins here.

and God said …

2G01 Genesis 1
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3 thoughts on “And God Said …

  1. Michael:

    1. What Bible text are you using that correctly translates YHVH as Yehovah?

    2. What is the url to download a copy of that text?

    1. I use e-Sword in my studies and teaching. It has many different translations and a few use Yehovah, most don’t. I do much of my own translating and always use Yehovah’s name.

      Here is a link to an article I put together about e-Sword.

  2. Great Teaching and is very thorough. Praying for wisdom and understanding of YAH’s Word. I can’t wait to get started!

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