How Can I help?

A new blog friend wrote and told me how much my work has affected her marriage and her personally, but also lamented the fact that her man did not yet want her to send me financial support. She suggested that I publish a book or CD with all of my writings which she could purchase. She said she could do that, and would  joyfully. She finished by saying, “how can I help you?”

So yesterday as I thought about her words, “how can I help you?” it occurred to me that any one who helps spread my message is helping me, and Yehovah. Then I noticed something that has been at the bottom of all my blogs for a year, maybe longer. Here is what it looks like.

Sharing tabsThese tools answer the question, “How can I help you?” You can help by becoming a fellow worker with me in promoting Yehovah’s image and kingdom on the earth by utilizing these wonderful tools. Let’s look at them one at a time.

Facebook TabSince I spend so much time on Facebook already, many of you are my friends from there; if not please consider adding me, Ambassador Michael Didier, as your friend, When you click on this icon you have an option to add a comment and then add the link to your page or simply click it and leave the comment screen blank. Until recently I have had more referrals to my blog from Facebook than anywhere else. But the search engines (Google in particular) has taken that position as the top referrer recently.

Printing tabThis printer icon allows you to print my article without all the other stuff on the page. It comes out nice and clean.

email tabIf, while you are reading one of my articles, you think of someone who might like it; uses this email tab to send it to your friend. It is fast, simple and one more way to reach the world with Yehovah’s word.

Google+ tabI have had a Google account like, forever; and recently added the Google +. This tab and the next 2 will require a few minutes from you in order to set up an account. But once it is set up it is just two quick clicks to use it.

Twitter tabI am new to all the social networking, but Twitter is a name I often hear about. Again this was an easy account to set up and only two clicks once it is complete.

StumbleUpon tabThe next one that I will ask you to sign up for is StumbleUpon. Again it is very easy to sign up there. And, like the others above, it only requires 1 click and occasionally 2. Why? I have not figured it out yet.  🙂

I did the StumbleUpon account two days ago and used it for 3 or 4 of my articles. Check out what my stats said yesterday.

StumbleUpon has 2nd placeIn one day StumbleUpon out-did Facebook. And my day closed with twice as many reads than the day before. WOWSERS!

Reddit - LinkedInThe last two tabs, Reddit and LinkedIn, I was disappointed with; but if you have an account with either one of them please use these tools also.

Think what could happen if I had just a few helpers who, as they read and study my work, were to utilize these tools each time they visited one of my posts.

How can I help?

So the next time you ask yourself the question, “How can I help Michael promote Yehovah’s image and kingdom in the earth?”, you will know yet another way.  Of course finances are very helpful, I may be building a spiritual kingdom but I still need to stay warm, eat and take care of needs like blog fees, internet connections and all the tools I use in my work.

I appreciate anything you can do to assist me.

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    1. Hello again Robert!

      I treat Yasher as both historical and factual but I understand that, just like Torah, their are errors in it. I have often wished that I had a Hebrew version divided into chapters and verses.

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