Red Sea Crossing

red sea crossing, Exodus 14, Yasher 81In this portion we will see that by the Red Sea crossing was the end of all Egypt’s seed (their adult men). Israel seed (multiple generation of spiritually born men) lived along with their wives, their children, their servants, their flocks and the Ger (heads of families, A.K.A “mixed multitude” who went with them, all survived.

The First Attack

When we (Israel’s seed) did not return to Egypt after being gone for 3 day, Yasher says that the nobles of Egypt took it upon themselves to send 700,000 men to bring us back.

Yasher 81:11 And all the nobles of Pharaoh rose up in the morning, and with them about seven hundred thousand men, and they went forth from Egypt on that day, and came to the place where Israel’s seed were.

Yasher 81:16 And when the nobles of Egypt saw that Israel’s seed did not hearken to them, to return to Egypt, they girded themselves to fight with Israel.
17 And Yehovah strengthened the hearts of Israel’s seed over the Egyptians, that they gave them a severe beating, and the battle was sore upon the Egyptians, and all the Egyptians fled from before Israel’s seed, for many of them perished by the hand of Israel.

All Egypt’s Men Die At The Red Sea Crossing

When Pharaoh heard what had happened and that his people had repented of their decision to let Israel’s seed, and all they had, go; he to hardened his heart and when after Israel with 1,000,000 men. All the men who remained in Egypt.

Yasher 81:19 And Pharaoh heard this thing, and his heart and the hearts of all his subjects were turned against Israel, and they repented that they had sent Israel away; and all the Egyptians advised Pharaoh to pursue Israel’s seed to make them come back to their burdens.
20 And they said each man to his brother, What is this which we have done, that we have sent Israel from our servitude?
21 And Yehovah strengthened the hearts of all the Egyptians to pursue the Israelites, for Yehovah desired to overthrow the Egyptians at the Red Sea crossing.
22 And Pharaoh rose up and harnessed his chariot, and he ordered all the Egyptians to assemble, not one man was left excepting the little ones and the women.
23 And all the Egyptians went forth with Pharaoh to pursue Israel’s seed, and the camp of Egypt was an exceedingly large and heavy camp, about ten hundred thousand men.

Yehovah said,

“My son [בני], My firstborn [בכרי, bek-ore], is Israel. So I say to you, let My son [בני] go that he may serve Me.” But if thou refuse to let him go, indeed I will kill thy son (בנך), thy firstborn [בכרך׃, bek-ore].” ‘ ” (Exo 4:22-23)

They didn’t let us go, so they all died and Yehovah fulfilled His word to Pharaoh.

Well, this is a very exciting story, and still only a preview of what we can expect in the future. Pleas join me today as we go through Exodus 14 and the first 44 verses of Yasher 81. You will be glad you did. 🙂

Red Sea Crossing

2E11 Exodus 14 and Yasher 81:1-44
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