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  1. Greetings. Somehow I stumbled upon a link somewhere as I looked up who Is Abraham’s father. I really want to know so much more about how to be a woman of worth and many other topics as well. How can I have these teachings sent to me or where I can download them to study and begin a small group with women? I am also interested in learning about Israeli culture. This is new to me and I am definitely up for the challenge of transformation! I would love some literature on also for teenagers as well. I am married and we have one son left at home but seven children total and 11 grandchildren so far. I want to be used by God to help transform and help get his people to his kingdom!

    1. Dear Tamara, I am currently looking for women, one to begin with, to join me on my journey. Most women do not care about following their man as he follows only Yehovah. Instead, the majority of women have been raised to be feminists. I want submissive women in my life, women who will but my needs ahead of their, : just as I make my needs subservient to Yehovah will. Your husband [Proverbs 31 calls Him your baal/master] is blessed to have you want to become a woman of worth, weather he knows it or not. Please keep me in mind as you train others to become women of worth. 🙂

      You really should begin your journey by listen to my first 3 teachings on Genesis 1 – 3. You can find them here. http://weareisrael.org/journey-through-torah/

      Please feel free to use anything I have on my site for your class. I haven’t added much to the site for quite a while but I just started teaching Torah again for the 3rd time and am already on Chapter 4. I hold those classes on Telegram and also post the recordings there as well.

      Work with the ladies to help them understand their created purpose. I’ll work with the men to help them understand theirs. That will enlarge Yehovah’s kingdom.


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