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Loving God (One Man’s Journey)

By Michael Didier

I asked “Jesus into my life” (whatever that means) as a child more than 50 years ago. My family never opened a Bible or even went to church. For me, in those childhood and teen years, my faith consisted of doing what “I thought” was the right way to conduct my life; but I had no examples of the way I should go. I  simply believed and did the things that that all my “Christian” friends did.

But there was emptiness in my life that I could not explain, something was missing. So at the age of 19 I started searching. Associating with people who were involved in the drug culture led me in a way that did not provide many answers.

One afternoon I sat by a lake and thought about what I need to “get by” in this world. The answer that first came to me was “food, water and clothing (warmth)”; but there was something even more important than those, which I identified as “truth.” With truth I would always be going in a positive direction in my life; “truth” must be sought!

Armed with this knowledge I returned to school, which I swore I would never do; I was never what anyone would call a “good student”. The next three years were spent at a two-year community college while I also worked part-time. To my surprise I was now a very good student, and even more surprising I became a leader of the Campus Christian Fellowship. There were six of us when we began and over 60 when I left to attend Wheaton College in the next town over.  Now, 40 years later, I am ashamed to think what I “taught” those dear friends and fellow students. I was the blind leading the blind.

Contrary to my time at the community college where every one of us had to fight for our faith and appreciated what we had; the two years I had at Wheaton College were much more difficult as many students there seemed to take their faith for granted. I was still a good student but most students there were much more capable than I. As a resident adviser I was able to get my room and board paid and influence the students on my floor at the same time.

During these five years of college I realized that I could have a positive effect on the lives of the students, so I decided that I wanted to become a dean of students as I had great respect for the Dean of Students at Wheaton .

That summer I had to do a practicum for my bachelor degree in Christian Education. Honeyrock Camp was a facility maintained by Wheaton College in the North woods of Wisconsin. It was there that I met the woman who I would love a lifetime; her name was Judy. She said that I was different from others in that I liked to talk about things of God. Judy was correct, that has always been important to me.

There were two places in which I could do my masters work in College Student Services Administration, one was in Oregon (close to Judy) the other was in Michigan (far from Judy). I went to Oregon and after my first year there Judy and I were married.

We lived and ran a dormitory during our first year of marriage. Becoming a Dean of Students never became a reality for me as I was entering the workplace at the beginning of the equal opportunity era and had many say that they would only hire me if I were a minority or a woman. Since Judy was a teacher we took a team position running a small dormitory in central Oregon. Because of those two years and two prior, I decided that I really did not enjoy working with students who did not want to grow.

We heard about a church in the Seattle area that was starting a school and decided to visit. It was an exciting place filled with people who loved God and wanted to serve Him (at least as best they knew how). Judy got a position as a teacher and we decided to move there. I was still unemployed but we decided I would volunteer at the school until they got on their feet. The next ten years I went from volunteer, to the Assistant to the Principal, to Assistant Principal and was even the Elementary Principal for several years. Unfortunately, or maybe thankfully, while I loved the children, parents, and teachers, I have never been very good at playing “the system” so I left the school to be an entrepreneur. Now I only had to satisfy myself and my customers. My biggest loss in leaving the school was not being able to work with my bride. Judy and I had been working together each day since we were married 11 years before; for me that was my greatest loss but it was also a start of a new adventure.

Judy and I never lacked for anything, been cold, or gone hungry; our Father in heaven has always proved Himself faithful. I believe this is so because I always sought to serve Him as best I could.

My desire for “truth” has never failed. The friends Judy and I had over the years were her friends. Their husbands were my friends because they came with their wives or they taught with my wife. I have never been interested in baseball, basketball, football, fishing, etc.. The conversation topics that interested me were political, social, family issues and of course issues relating my faith in the Creator.

As our children grew (we had three – two boys and a little girl) I, like most dads, attended practically every sporting event my children were participating in. In addition I became a Boy Scout leader and required each of the boys (Wes and Jonny) to participate until they made First Class Scout. Fortunately, at least that is what I thought at the time, they continued and went on in their scouting endeavors and became accomplished in many areas. But my life was still empty!

One Easter eve I did some research about the origins  of that holiday. Here is what I found;  Meet Easter. To my surprise Judy had no interested in what I had found.

Finally, around the time of the new millennium, I began to do something that I had never done; I began to read Yehovah’s word (Genesis through Malachi). The first time through I just read. The second time through I looked for all the places on a map which I read about and began to become more familiar with them. The third time through I looked at how all the individuals related to one another. And after those three times I fell in love with the Creator. He and His eternal and unchanging way was what I had been looking for since my late teens.

I also read two books which speak about the political and social aspects of our faith as it relates to the Kingdom of God and the systems of the world (the STATE). The first was called “Christian Patriotism” written at the turn of the 20th century and the other “Covenant of the gods“, was written by a man who is a historian, Bible scholar and lawyer.

I started to ask myself some very difficult questions:

Is the NT God’s word? And, when was it added to the Hebrew scriptures?

What makes us God’s people? And, which nation really is “under God?”

– If the fourth commandment says Saturday is the Sabbath and that we are to keep it holy, why do we worship on Sunday and ignore holiness altogether?

– If Jeremiah 10 forbids Christmas trees why do we do it? Well that opens up another whole can of worms. (Again see Man’s Holidays or God’s Holy Days)

– Is saying “I believe in Christ” enough? What does repentance have to do with salvation? And what are we to repent of anyway? Should we still be doing what we repented of? Would that be true repentance? And what makes Jesus a “christ”?

– What really is faith anyway? (Precept 10 – Faith)

– I began to ask myself, “Is there was anything that I had been taught in my Romanized Christianity that had any solid Biblical foundation?” (Introduction to Precepts) The answer; precious little, to none!

Needless to say, but I will, the more questions I asked the more “friends” I lost. First I was asked to leave the Boy Scouts by the pastor (I did not want to say the pledge of Allegiance to a flag of a CORPORATION). Then I was asked to leave the church by my wife who did not want me to ask the pastor the sincere questions which I had.

But I could not keep my mouth shut as I began to see how important it was to come out of the world. I talked to everyone I saw. I gave up my driver’s license, stopped using my SSN and did everything I could to void all my unholy covenants covenants with the world and their elohim (their lawmakers and judges). My goal now was to make myself 100% Yehovah’s man.

I began to share what I was learning at our dinner table with my family and to my dismay my wife, the woman I thought was bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, was rolling her eyes.

Within months my wife of 24 years filed for divorce saying that she wanted “her children” to “grow up normal.” She still does not realize that “normal” is the broad way that leads to destruction.

Well, I fought the court for four years, I put liens on judges, commissioners, the DA and her lawyer. I spent 8 months in county jail because I promised my children that I would never leave them except in handcuffs. I wept every day, each time my thoughts turned to my family, for 2 long years. I lost everything, but found the most important thing of all;  I found the way that leads to life and my life has never been more fulfilled. Would I go back? Not in a million years.

The title of this article is called “Loving God – One Man’s Journey”, for me this has been a process. Here is the  process by which a Gentile becomes a spiritually born man and son of Yehovah.

Go to “How does a Gentile become a Ger,” a citizen, of Yehovah’s kingdom?

And after you read that series of articles; then find out who the “thou” is who is to love his neighbor as himself. Go to “The Ger becomes the Ezrach,” the born in the land man.

So much to learn and so little time; a lifetime is hardly enough!



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  1. what a WONDERFUL testimony. We truly are saved by the power of the blood and the WORD of our testimony!

  2. There is so much power in a persons testimony, if you can see the spiritual depth of it! Thank you for your testimony, it has alot of pain and sorrow in it, but that is also the way we grow and through those hurts , the Lord turns our hearts toward Him. He will draw near to us if we will draw near to Him. It is through my deepest pain and sorrow that i have spiritually grown the most. God saved me from so many messes i created in my life when i did’nt even know to ask Him then. What an awsome God we serve!! Thank you, Michael . You are very blessed.

  3. My wife Natalia and I were, as we now realize so very blessed to get this “narrow way revelation” almost simultaneously. For a while there we could count our past friends on one finger. Now it seems we are meeting true friends”Israelites or sojourners who are assigned to walk with us. Your long journey to truth is so very similar to ours. It seems to be a common thread for lots of us. That word truth really can cause some radical changes in a life especially if you pray for it. I remember a rather prophetic quip from a Christian minister right after a viscous and unprovoked verbal attack and false witness from another “sister”; pretty well sums it up………”Daryl I don’t know what you prayed for but it must have been big!” Well we just love Torah and like you we love its wisdom and TRUTH! You already know this ; YHVH will fulfill every desire in your heart! Shalom brother

  4. We praise and thank God for a life testimony you have shared through this site… for really God is working in our lives.. I’m so blessed while reading your testimony. keep up the good work.. the Bible says, “…our labor is not in vain..”

    Before I met Jesus, I became member of a spiritual cult in year 2000 for 5 months. They used God’s word as confront but they do detestable practices stated in Deuteronomy.

    I struggled for 4yrs… Before I fully surrendered myself to Jesus May2004 and that night He gave me this verse: John 4:24 God is Spirit. His worshiper must worship Him in Spirit and truth. It was a Saturday morning, my high school friend called me at the phone, he is asking me that we have a place to go in a surprise; I had no idea that I would meet Jesus… he brought me to his church which is my present messianic church. God healed me physical and spiritually so that I could move on from those past experience. I’m so blessed He used those experience for me to know that HE is a living God… Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever… Amen!

    My brother in Christ, thanks for sharing God’s love to us. May He bless you more, your family and ministry. As long my activity is available I will continue to explore and study your teachings here. My 2nd baby boy was healed, Ee was sick due to his tooth that grows c”,) I thank God for sleepless nights that he gave me strength to overcome this… Shabbat Shalom.. God bless

  5. I’m so sorry to here about your family. It is so very sad that your wife was not open to what the scriptures said. It is so hard to change tradition that you have been use to forever! I believe there is a verse that says, “the traditions of man make the word of God ineffective”. The Word always speaks TRUTH:) Please pray for my family as I don’t know what to do about our “traditions” this year. I don’t like conflict, never have, so this will not be easy if we choose to go against “tradition”. We’ve always told our children the truth about Santa, but still have all other traditions. Please pray for us that God will make His Word so very clear to us, that we will have no other choice.

    1. Yes Lisa I will pray for you. These traditions are such a stronghold on our lives; and I think they are even worse for the ladies. Ha – I can remember so many years that my ex (Oh – it hurts to even write that) would wake up Christmas morning and BLAST the song “Traditions” from the movie “Fiddler on the Roof” all over the house. She was not evil, she just did not understand YHVH’s word or His feasts.

      I have a page on my website that is called “Holidays or Holy Days.” There you will find many videos and other writings that address Christmas, Easter and other Holy day related topics. Perhaps it will be of some help to you.

      You are correct, conflict is not much fun; but if we are to be Holy as YHVH is Holy we must learn how to separate ourselves from the common, to leave the broad road and join Him on the Way of Life. Remember Yeshua said that he did not come to bring peace but rather a sword. The more we separate ourselves to His ways the more light we will be able to shine for those we love so much.

      Please stay in touch! Michael

  6. You have a great testimony, and I could very much relate to many things in your life. The children, the marriage etc. I pretty much lost everything I worked my whole life for, but it had to go so that my eyes could be opened. I now live in Jordan where I spend my days reading and studying the word, and soon hopefully will enter the land of promise. I think we have to go through the wilderness before we can truly fully enter in. There is too much stuff that gets in our way…LOL. We must learn to live by faith in the almighty YHVH, there is no other way. Yeshua never said it would be easy, quite the contrary, he said leave the houses, the wife, the children, etc. or you are not worthy to follow him. I also believe he desires that they would go with you, however sometimes they do not want, or are not willing to follow the path we must travel. Yah bless you and keep you, and let his face to shine upon you. Shalom

  7. Thank you. Your story has been repeated with variations so many times in the lives of people yearning to follow the Master to the Father. So it must have been from the beginning.

  8. Thank you, Michael. I appreciate your path, sympathize with the loss that may end up being an incredible golden blessing, and thank you for the work you have put into the links of this website. Keep overcoming. Those who endure to the end… Endure. King David, when he was so down, perhaps having no one else to encourage him, encouraged himself in Elohim. : ) Be encouraged!

  9. Thank you for sharing this testimony and much more! The questions that you began to ask have been many of the same questions that I have been asking. I look forward to reading the material you have here (and watching the videos). Again, thank you for allowing yourself to be used of the Most High! Yah Bless and Keep you!

  10. I am so happy I found this blog (thanks to my good friend Ermosa Rose). I love looking up all the things you have here and learning more about YHWH each day.

  11. Been there and done that! Your testimoney reads like my life has played out over the years. We who seek Him with all our heart, suffer and die daily. That is the price we pay to follow Him where ever He may go. Thanks for sharing it helps me deal with the disapointments I have had to deal with in others.

  12. Its encouraging to see testimonies of fellow believers, one promise I have always held on to is this: whatever the sufferings we might face in this life it cannot be compared to the glory that is soon to be revealed in us when Yah our savior appears. May YHWH continue to uphold you.

  13. Shalom Michael,
    As a Messianic Chaplain (student) who is almost finished and almost ready to become ordained, I am very excited and interested in your studies. I am looking forward to recieving your bible studies as my missionary will be hospitals and hospice geared.As I am a trauma nurse/paramedic and retired fire fighter, I have seen the throws of death of those who do not know our Lord, Yeshua, and those who do. My how they differ in their fight for life, or their easiness into Eternity with our Saviour Yeshua.Thank you for befriending me and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you in advance. God’s Blessings to you on the wings of the angels. Sami Lucas
    (Barb Samberg-Lucas)

  14. Thank you for your website and the teaching links. My story is much the same as yours. From my 20’s, even though I was attending church, I could not participate in Christmas or Easter. I got physically ill at my last Easter service when I was 24. I thought I had a demon. I could not understand why these services made me so uncomfortable.
    In 2000, the Holy Spirit led me to the truth of the festivals. I did not understand what they were all about, but I knew I was to learn them. The Lord revealed to me these festivals were His and as His child , I was to observe them. It has been a journey toward Truth ever since. I have lost family and friends along the way, but have also acquired some wonderful relationships also. May YHWH bless and uphold you.

  15. Thank you for sharing your testimony & this site! I look forward to reading the different articles & learning more! I will be praying for you and the restoration of your marriage! I also look forward to getting to know you better :0). Thank you for your obedience Michael! May YHWH Bless you & keep you always. Shalom :0)

    1. Thank you Steve – especially for your prayers concerning the restoration of my family to me and to my Father. I am grateful! So many of my friends are praying to that end. The promise I received from my Father years ago was that “I would recover all.” (see 1 Samuel 30:1-8) But I always remind Him that I want the renewed wife. 🙂

  16. Michael,
    Thank you for putting the details of your search down so we can all reap the benefits of your experiences! And thank you for inviting me to join your blog.

  17. WoW! I am so so sad, reading this. I am so sorry to hear about your wife and children, how awful. I will post more later, thanks for inviting me to read this.

  18. Shalom Michael,
    First, thank you for sharing your testimony with us.
    Maybe have not heard much about this, but as you wrote the court system told you to leave your home, wife and children. What a wicked world system! May your prayer be answered, and your wife shall be restored to you, renewed!

  19. What a moving and powerful testimony. You left all to seek that truth you decided you needed by that lake so long ago. Yahuah rewards those who diligently seek Him! I’m ashamed and scared because I haven’t made my whole testimony public. I shared some with some friends, and I told them to let them know when they stop believing me. They always let me know… He has washed my sins away, and I cannot tell it all.

    I’m surprised and glad about the self-revealing depth you’ve shown. Pray for me about how much I should share, and how I should do it. ~gp

  20. Thanks for the beautiful testimony, I can certainly relate to it. I also had problems with many things that juast didn’t compute for me, the time Jesus was in the grave, why we don’t keep the Sabbath or the feasts when the scriptures say they are forever, etc, etc. People really don’t like it when you upset their traditions8~)

    I gave my life to Jesus/Yeshua when I ws 11 and when I was 21 was baptized and since then I have done the best I’ve known how to follow the Messiah. I’ve messed up a few times…I am 64 and raised 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. My daughter converted to Judaism several years ago and I haven’t heard from her in over 4 years now.

    1. Thanks for your comment Judy, I know only too well the pain of being alienated from a daughter and everyone else I hold dear. My prayer always is that YHVH will restore those broken ties in the near future.

  21. When I read your testimony I was deeply touched by your commitment and great love for your family and Elohim. Some times, our lives are a for shadow of the most wonderful things that will manifest itself for us. Then as we continue to stay stead fast & keep our faith in the one that loves us, YeHoVah. Suddenly, we see that he manifests a love beyond any love a human being can possibly give us!

    I am satisfied that you are a person that I would be proud to know and to listen to your direction. At first I thought; oh is this some one else expounding principles that are not obtainable. However, no, I see through your great desire to please the Master that made us his own, I am very joyful to know you Michael Didier. Your heart is a heart that is on him in every thing that come to your life. Thank you so very much for allowing me to come into your life and to learn the Master Yahweh, with you~

  22. I am amazed at the similarity of our testimonies. I am so very blessed that my husband and i are like-minded. what a miracle. Our children are another matter. They have totally rejected what we have learned. It is very painful but we have learned that it is Yahweh’s decision who He will give eyes to see and ears to hear–we pray that they will have a seeking heart and ask for wisdom then He will give it.

  23. Dear Michael,
    I have been blessed in reading your testimony. God will never forsake you, it’s the truth that sets us free.

  24. Michael,
    Eu fiquei muito sensibilizada com sua jornada rumo ao Senhor. Raras pessoas fariam tanto sacrificio pessoal em nome da fé no Pai Celestial.
    Descobri, nesta fase da minha vida que o que verdadeiramente faz um homem de bem é a fé que esse homem deposita no Senhor.
    Que o Senhor o abençoe sempre para que continue em Seu caminho.

    In English Marcia said:
    I was very touched by his journey to the Lord. Rare people would do much personal sacrifice in the name of faith in Heavenly Father.
    I discovered at this stage of my life that what truly makes a good person is the faith that this man puts in the Lord.
    May the Lord bless you always to continue in his path.”

  25. Michael,I am so deeply moved by your life testimonies as in them I am personally familiar with. I believe our life journey testimonies are a 1st step gift in sharing The Gospel of Christ & Father God El-Shaddai’ Love for mankind. Our testimonies almost always no matter who we are sharing them with always meet someone right where they are or have been,and in some cases keep them from having their own flesh future attacked by things,people,events “of’ this world.Thank you for excepting my facebook friendship request Micheal,as I now look forward to sharing our love for Father God El-Elyon the Highest Sovereign of the Heave an earth. Shalom be unto to always,in Jesus’ Holy name.

  26. Thanks for your post that have already changed my SABBATH VIEW.
    Although i try as much as i could to read one by one as you sent them i would like to start teaching them to others here in KENYA. I knew not what the sabbath was but you were a God-sent to me thank YOU.

  27. I can relate to your testimony, I as well can see that our Heavenly Father has worked in your life as he has mine, if all of YAH’S children stop for a moment and examine there life’s they will see how HE has worked in there lives as well. Shalom, Peace and all good things unto you.

  28. Wow what a testimony and journey you have been on…..and your shining brighter than ever bless you with blessings of heaven .. i decree and declare more wholeness in all areas of your life by the name of yahusha yahuahs ben shalum achi ..wow…things are being restored.ahmein

  29. My friend ,
    I love your testimony! Not only that, your the man I love to see and well come to be with you. Why? What you have, what you have gone through, the life you live, and the word you have in you, we need it, and the world is waiting for you.

  30. Hello sir Micheal,
    I am so much blessed through above the testimony. May God bless you and use you more for His kingdom. Yahweh Bless you.

  31. Many have asked me what Bible do I use? Two people just today in fact. Here is my answer.

    I do my studies using the NKJV (New King James Version), but there really are no good versions; only versions that are less bad.

    I actually use 15 – 20 versions which I relate back and forth to, but the Hebrew is my final authority. But that said the people who write Lexicons and concordances and dictionaries, just like the translators have not left the kingdom of their birth and joined themselves to Yehovah’s kingdom,; even they lack knowledge and understanding. Because of that we must weight what they say in light of what Yehovah’s word actually says.

    Really, every word or idea must be viewed in the context of all of the words of Yehovah given through Moses and His other prophets.

    I have been using e-sword for over 15 years and have developed extensive notes. I would be very happy to share my work with you – and it will give you a real jump-start in understanding.

    But, regardless of whether or not you want my work, you MUST GET e-SWORD and learn how to use it. If you get the TeamViewer program as well I can help you get set up with some additional apps for that program. Interlinear translations, Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible and several other really fine additions for e-Sword. Here is a link to it. http://weareisrael.org/getting-started/e-sword-free/


  32. Hello Michael,

    Nice to hear from you. It took a minute for me to recall who you were. I read your writing and a lot of it I can relate to. I too want to live, breathe, eat only the fruit of Yahweh. Never have I ever felt like this till I came to know the TRUTH! I am forever grateful that I decided to listen to Michael Rood about two years ago and have done nothing but. I listen to a couple of others every now and then and ALWAYS verify everything before I accept anything. I once was blind but now I see. I live in a small town close to Las Vegas and am thirsting for a fellowship for this town. I and my mother have diligently desired to have a congregation start here so we will see what is in the plans. Look forward to corresponding with you again. Have a Blessed end of year.


  33. Thanks Mr Michael for doing a great work for Yahuwah. Your message is very touchable. May Elohim give us strength to broadcast his message. I am not good in typing but l will say, May Yah be with you and bless you. shalom.

  34. Shabbot Shalom Michael,

    thank you for building this site. Thank you for your testimony as well.

    The father is truly using you and several others in North America to get out the Truth.

    I know how difficult it is converting one self to the true way, its a long process, journey, that I myself have been on for four years. I observe the sabbath and the high sabbaths and do get friction from my family for doing so.They want their traditions like decorating the house with easter bunnies and santa claus. Fortunately, My wife accepts (or tolerates) my new found faith, and accepts us not working on shabbat, or shopping on shabbat, not eating pork, or dog, but still wants to hold onto the tradditions which i detest.

    I have fellow-shipped a little, mostly with The Rood Awakening Crew, which are in the NC. USA and I am in Canada, so I have gotten together with other Torah fans during a couple high sabbaths. I have yet found any group or fellowship up here in Canada that follows Torah (if anyone knows of any in Toronto, please share….).

    Anyways, thank you Michael for your site, and please carry on spreading the word of truth.

    May YHVH bless you and keep you. May his countenance shine down on you.

    How great is YHVH!!!!

  35. Shabbat Shalom Michael! I just came across your testimony by accident today. I have no one with whom I can truly fellowship with Today. Thanks for sharing your painful but beautiful testimony. I too have a similar testimony about being persecuted for my beliefs {concerning obeying Yahweh’s commandments & Truth}. It always seemed to me that ‘the closer I got to the Truth, the worse was my persecution’!!
    I am 75 yrs old but Yahweh started opening my eyes when I was 19.
    I have a suggestion for you, dear teacher Michael, if I may say so, maybe you could do a research on Yahweh’s Name & what is wrong with calling Him ‘Lord’ or ‘God’ (which are titles but not words by which He wants to be called) or that we should use. (Exodus 23:13; Psalms 16:4 b; Hosea 2:16-17). Many Thanks for sharing your testimony – very interesting)! Do you have a ministry that one could support?

    1. Greetings Susana!

      Thank you for your comment. Here is a note I put together about Yahweh’s name, I hope you find it interesting.


      I meet with a small group of people on-line each week. For the past 5 years we have gone through Torah, verse by verse. All the recordings for those classes can be found right here. http://weareisrael.org/journey-through-torah/

      Recently we started going through Isaiah. A book that has much to teach us about the coming last days. We just finished chapter 4 this past week. Here is the conference room that we meet in each Sabbath at 1pm eastern. https://login.myownmeeting.com/conference,31955516 We would love to have you join us.

      Finally, if you do feel lead to support my work, here is the best way. http://weareisrael.org/about-me/contact-michael-didier/

      Thanks for reading and listening<


  36. The path to life is very narrow. My wife walked out on me also casting many false allegations in court, hauling me into court on several false charges that were not true. I was proven innocent and yet she tried to pursue her slanderous charges against me. I will never marry again unless the Father brings a woman into my life who is also sold out. So much that if I said we were going to live in a tent she would happily follow me there.

  37. Hi Michael. Sorry to hear about your family. The problem,in my view, is that”Christianity” does not believe in Yahweh or the Bible. They believe in the church and the reverend. They are so indoctrinated by the might of the church that they will not believe you….even if you show the truth to them from the scriptures. Blessings with your amazing work.

  38. Are you still a Christian that says Jesus saves. I don’t understand where your at with the creator. I’m a born Jew who was raised Christian . I returned to YeHovah praise be He. It is hard to observe Torah in the galut. Shalom be well.

    1. No, I haven’t called myself a Christian in many years and I refer to that fiction as the golden calf of the modern age. Who added the new testament to the Hebrew scriptures anyway? It certainly wasn’t the Hebrews, no, it was the catholic church. Just wait and see what is coming out about that Synagogue of Satan!

  39. Michael Please send me a note in messenger so I can add you to my messenger. I already have Carisa
    Alice Geer

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