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The Process Of Becoming Yehovah’s “Born In The Land Man,” His “Spiritual Seed;” Is What This Born Again Series Is About

What does it mean to be born Again in Hebrew roots, Passover and the 2nd birth, born again series, John 3, Exodus 12 48, Genesis 18 14, Ger Stranger, Ezrach, native born, born in the landThe Born Again series answers the question. “What does it mean to be Born Again?” We all have our own religious and traditional ideas; but what is their scriptural basis? We know that its roots must come from the law and the prophets, since Jesus (Yeshua) rebuked Nicodemus for being a teacher of Israel and not understanding this second birth. So why doesn’t anyone teach the born again experience from that perspective?

What does it mean to be born Again in Hebrew roots, Passover and the 2nd birth, born again series, John 3, Exodus 12 48, Genesis 18 14, Ger Stranger, Ezrach, native born, born in the landNicodemus, who was a later disciple of Yeshua and a Pharisee just like Paul, had great knowledge and understanding concerning the scriptures. So why do we treat him as though he could not understand a, supposedly, simple concept? Perhaps it is not that simple. Is it possible that the scriptural basis of this new birth has roots in history that even predates Yehovah’s instructions given to Moses at Mount Sinai? Is it possible that the journey most people feel they have already completed is far more complex and life changing than most folks have ever imagined?

This Born Again series represents something new that Yehovah has shown me in His word and since there is a greater judgment, and reward, for those who DO and TEACH Yehovah’s people; I am hoping that you are open to some new light; and discovering that folks have been becoming Born Again since the beginning of creation. That should be no surprise to us since we know that Yehovah does not change and His word will endure forever.

I have developed the Born Again series of teachings in order to discuss what I refer to as the Process of Becoming Born Again. It is a series of 4 segments which give a Hebraic understanding of what it means to be Born Again, according to the law and the Prophets. I do not think it an accident that Yeshua spoke to Nicodemus about becoming Born Again during the feast of Unleavened Bread (and maybe even on the first day of that feast) and you won’t either, once you read what I have to say.

Here is my “Born Again Series.”

Here is the material that cover this eternal and unchanging process.

The Gentile Becomes A Ger (4 Parts)

The Ger Becomes An Ezrach,  “One Born In The Land,” (4 Parts)

144,000 – The Virgin Of Israel (5 Parts)

Days Overview & The 144,000 In The Scriptures ( 1 video)

Please Remember: Only those who seek, actually find anything.

5 thoughts on “Born Again Series

  1. I told my husband this was the best site I have ever seen and he is going to watch it; plus I emailed it to as many as I could, I believe this with all my heart! I am being allowed to teach in the church so I am going to learn from you and your site so I can teach it! Bless u man of God!!

  2. I have an iPhone 4 and an iPad but cannot see your born again series is there any other format that i can download to see it?

    1. Hi Enid,

      Thank you for your interest in my movies. Each of these 8 movies is between 36MB and 107MB.

      In my conference you will find a file sharing icon just to the right of the “Talk Now” button. I have many files there, both movies (MP4s) and some PDFs. The question is can you get to my conference room using your i-phone? Here is a link to the conference room.,31955516 Oh – the conference room needs no password – just a name.

      I am also on Skype and can send you my movies very easily through that means. I am “Israelite777” on Skype.

      Hope one of these will work for you. Worse case – parts 4 & 5 or this series are now in a print formate as well. Just go to each of the videos. “Baptism – A New Beginning in Yehovah’s Kingdom” and “The Process of Becoming ‘Born Again.'”

      In His service now, and always,


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