144,000 in the Scriptures

Who are the 144,000 Virgin of Israel and where are they in the Prophets? These four videos attempt to answer the second question; and the link at the beginning of this paragraph will answer the first.

144,000 - Virgin of IsraelThis is the last part of my Born Again Series. I have wanted to put these videos together for ages but it seems there is always so much to do. All of these videos are best understood in the light of the many hours of learning that came before them. It is my prayer that they will inspire  you to go into deeper study concerning these matters of life and death; especially as the last days approach.

The first video can stand alone and is also used as an introduction to my series on the Last Days. I would have had the last three videos together as one if I had a place I could upload a video of around 250mb, but alas, I do not.

Most folks will have to watch these videos several times, especially if they do not have the background information of the previous seven classes.

May Yehovah bless you as you conform your life to only His ways.

Last days Overview


144,000 in the Scriptures

8b – 144,000 in the Scriptures from Providence Ministries on Vimeo.




2 thoughts on “144,000 in the Scriptures

  1. Great Teaching, Great series! Thank you for clarifying a lot of confusion regarding this topic. The topic of the Tribulation, Last Days, the 144,000 have never been clearly taught, thus causing me great fear and worry. I honestly feel a burden has been lifted by this teaching (series). Thank you, thank you! You truly have the heart of a servant~Chelsea

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