The Ger Becomes An Ezrach

Ger becomes an Ezrach, Born Again, new birth 2nd birth spiritual birthThe Ger becomes an Ezrach at Passover! Is it possible that THIS is the answer to “what does it mean to be Born Again? We all have our own religious and traditional ideas. But what is its scriptural basis? We know that it has to predate Nicodemus, since Yeshua (Jesus) rebuked Nicodemus for being a teacher of Israel and not understanding this second birth. Nicodemus, who was a later disciple of Yeshua and a Pharisee just like Paul, had great knowledge and understanding concerning the scriptures, so why do we treat him as though he could not understand a, supposedly, simple concept? Perhaps we have learned many lies and the answer is not as simple as we have been taught?

Is it possible that the scriptural basis of this new birth has roots in history that even predate Yehovah’s instructions given to Moses at Mount Sinai? Is it possible that the journey many people think they have already completed is far more complex and life changing than most folks have ever imagined?

Please join me as we develop a solid foundation for our faith; and renew our minds to that good, and acceptable and perfect will of Yehovah. Only then we can worship the Creator in spirit and in truth.

The Gentile Becomes A Ger

In the first portion of this series we saw how a Gentile leaves the kingdom of his first birth and joins himself (and his family) to Yehovah and His other called-out men and becomes a Ger. Please read these 4 articles first.

The Ger Becomes An Ezrach

There is a process which every man must pass through on his journey from being a Ben Nekar (one born in the kingdom of his first birth) to becoming an Ezrach (one born into the kingdom of his second birth). Yehovah’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob always concerns two things; the seed and the land. Passover relates to both!

What does it mean to be Born Again? If we are born into some kingdom of the world the first time, what are we born into the second time? Yeshua rebuked Nicodemus for being a teacher of Israel and not knowing the scriptures; where is the “Born Again” process in the law and the Prophets, the words of Yehovah that never change and endure forever? You might be surprised!

This Is a 4 Part Series!
Second Birth
Righteous Actions Proceed Spiritual Awakenings
The Ezrach Is Born At Passover
Born Again Process

Here is my Sabbath teaching on this subject as well.

2E10 Exodus 12.40-13 and Yasher 80.41-81.1
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6 thoughts on “The Ger Becomes An Ezrach

  1. Good series! Thanks for all the work you put into it. I’m looking forward to the video on the 144,000.

  2. Awesome teachings, thank you Michael !

    As with all so far, a need to come back and re listen and hear Yah in what He is saying to us all who want to be True Israel !

    1. Understand these concepts that you have heard tonight is the beginning of an entirely new understanding of Yehovah’s word; most will not be able to receive it because they are so steeped in their own traditions but a few, lovers of only Yehovah’s word, will take these ideas to a whole new level. That is my hope and prayer for you tonight Ingrid. Yehovah loves a hungry heart like yours and I am so pleased to call you my friend and sister. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for some other informative site.
    Where else could I am getting that kind of info written in such a perfect means?
    I’ve a challenge that I’m simply now working on, and I have been at the glance out
    for such info.

    1. Have you read both series which have 4 parts? Sometimes our current beliefs, those erroneos ideas which we have previously been taught and accepted as truth, prevents us from seeing and understanding deeper truths in Yehovah’s words which he spoke to His people through Moses and His other prophets. This was certainly the case in my life. Please do a search on my site for “Passover”, I have many articles that discuss this very special day; in fact, I is so special that Yehovah provided a 2nd Passover date for those who missed the first. That’s grace! He is not willing that any man should perish.

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