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This Side Of The Jordan

this side of the jordanThese are the words [hadavarim] which Moses spoke unto all Israel on this side of the Jordan; in the wilderness in the plain across Suph [the plain at Sinai], between Paran and Tophel; and at Lavan, and at Hazeroth, and at Di-zahav. (Deu 1:1)

Deuteronomy begins with Moses speaking to Israel’s seed on the plains of Moab, just across and a little south of Jericho. So when I read the words “this side of the Jordan” I assumed that the place we were standing on was the place called “this side of the Jordan.” I assumed this because sometimes my understandings are very small and unable to see the larger picture Yehovah is presenting for those who have eyes (spiritual eyes) that do see.

Sometimes it is easy to be blinded by our present circumstances and miss the reality of what Yehovah wants to do in our lives. I looked at the map in this picture and did not find a single one of those bolded places in the above verse. “What is going on here?”, I asked myself.

Then it hit me. Context, context, context is what this is all about; understanding Yehovah’s word within the context of Yehovah’s word. Where did Yehovah speak all His words [His davarim] to us prior to our coming to this place across from Jericho? Suddenly I realized that all these places on this side of the Jordan; were not that place opposite Jericho, but rather that place we have been since we crossed over the Red Sea (40 years before) and entered into Yehovah’s ruler-ship. These seem to be the places where Moses received the words of Yehovah and gave them to His son, Israel. Continue reading This Side Of The Jordan

Biblical Archaeology

Biblical Archaeology confirms that the words of Yehovah through Moses are true! When I saw the Red Sea Crossing, the Elijah Cave, the charred top of Mount Sinai, the rock at Horeb, the altar of the golden calf and so much more I was moved to a new level of conviction. I pray these videos will do the same for you.

Red Sea Crossing, the Elijah Cave, the charred top of Mount Sinai, the rock at Horeb, the altar of the golden calf
This map has the correct Red Sea crossing site and the true location of Mount Sinai; you can find them for yourselves on your Google Earth maps at these locations.

Rock at HorebMount Sinai (Jabal al-lawz) is a mountain of volcanic origin in northwest Saudi Arabia, 28 degrees 39’13.49″ north, 35 degrees 18’17.74″ east, 8222 feet tall.

Rock at Horeb is northwest of Jabal al-lawz at 28°43’43.96″N and 35°14’11.92″E

Beach at Nuweiba (Red Sea Crossing is at 29° 0’14.82″N and 34°39’55.86″E

Biblical Archaeology – Red Sea Crossing To Sinai


The Exodus and the Red Sea Crossing

In-depth search and discovery by Ron Wyatt and family for the Exodus route, the Red Sea crossing, Mt. Sinai, the Rock at Horeb, the Elijah Cave, Alter of the Golden Calf, the Mountain of Yehovah burnt with fire and much more!

The Exodus and the Red Sea Crossing Continue reading Biblical Archaeology