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Zimri And Cozbi

zimri and cozbi

Israel has just finish defeating the two powerful kings of the Amorites, Sihon and Og of Bashan; they were the dreaded enemies of both Moab and Midian. Now that we were able to destroy the Amorites so easily, Moab and Midian both fear that they will be the next to fall to us.

Instead of fighting us directly, they have put together a plan to undermine Israel’s son’s relationship with Yehovah. After a summer campaign on the east side of the Jordan we have gathered at Shittim on the plain of Moab to spend the winter before we start a new campaign on the west side of the Jordan in the spring.

It appears to me that some of Israel (remember they are the ezrach men) have become complacent and perhaps willing to covenant with our enemies instead of destroying them. Some of us began to take their daughters, eat their meat which has not been slaughtered to Yehovah and, worst of all, bowed down and served other elohim (lawmakers and judges) besides Yehovah.

And he, Israel abode in Shittim, and the people became wanton for Moab’s  daughters [בנות, benot], and they [Moab] called to the people to slaughter [לזבחי, zeh-vach] to their elohim (lawmakers and judges), and they did eat; and the people bowed down to their elohim. (Num 25:2-3)

Incidentally, eating meat slaughtered to other elohim is what we do when we buy beef, lamb or goat at the grocery store.

Big, big mistake! Yehovah (40 years before) said, Continue reading Zimri And Cozbi

Intentional And Unintentional Sin

TzitzitI am amazed at how much we, who call ourselves Yehovah’s people, are involved in unintentional sin. The more I study Torah the more I see just how far we have gone away from Yehovah’s eternal and unchanging ways. But there is something worse than unintentional sin, it is the sin which is done openly for all to see and emulate; this open rebellion bring a reproach on Yehovah!

This chapter (Numbers 15) finishes with a discussions of why only Yehovah’s son, the Ezrach, wear tzitzit and is certainly related to unintentional sin for many today.

In the first part of Numbers 16 we will see 254 men, leaders of Yehovah people, who “look” honorable but are the first to be destroyed at the beginning of our 40 years in the wilderness; all because we would not believe Yehovah and hear and obey Moses.

Intentional And Unintentional Sin

2N07 Numbers 14:10 – 15
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The Detoxification of Ephraim

I have lost some friends lately, gained other also, because of some of the writing that I have recently done that run contrary to the doctrines and traditions of many who even call themselves Torah keepers. Some things are just too difficult it sometimes seems for even the word of Yehovah to overcome. Today I read the following article by my brother Avi ben Mordechai. It is longer than anything I ever write, but well worth the read. Remember – it is only those who seek – that find, the satisfied – get nothing, and may lose what they thought they had. Continue reading The Detoxification of Ephraim