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Jacob’s Last Words

Jacob's last wordsJacob is now 147 and has lived 17 years in Egypt after being reunited with Joseph, but now his eyes have failed and he is weak and dying.  Torah and Yasher covers Jacob’s last words to his sons and grand-sons (his seed). Some of Jacob’s last words are blessings, some are rebukes, and some are instructions to his sons for after he is gone.

In Jacob’s last words to his grand-sons (who appear to be twins), and against the wishes of their father Joseph, he sets the younger over the elder. I believe that this is a shadow picture of the second born, spiritual man ruling over the first-born, man of the flesh which we find so often in the scriptures. Here are a few examples.

  • Able replaces Cain
  • Isaac replaces Ishmael as firstborn
  • Jacob replaces Esau as firstborn
  • Joseph replaces Reuben; Joseph received the “double blessing” which usually goes to the 1st born.
  • Ephraim replaces Manasseh as firstborn
  • Kohath replaces Gershon (Gen 46:11)

Ephraim and Manasseh learned the ways of Yehovah in the house of Jacob, and in Genesis 48 Jacob even seems to claim them as his own sons.

Yasher 55:35 Ephraim and Manasseh, remained constantly in the house of Jacob, together with the sons of the sons of Jacob their brethren, to learn the ways of Yehovah and his law.

And now your two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, who were born to you in the land of Egypt before I came to you in Egypt, are mine; as Reuben and Simeon, they shall be mine. (Gen 48:5)

Why else would the twins be listed with Jacob’s sons and become the fathers of two of the twelve tribes who inherit land in Canaan? Continue reading Jacob’s Last Words

Joseph’s Brothers Are Found

Joseph's brothersJoseph’s brothers are forced to come to Egypt to buy provisions for all of Jacob’s camp, and he plans to find them when they do. Joseph created an ordinance so only the head of each family could buy corn in Egypt and when each man comes he must state who he is and who his father is. All the gate-keepers are commanded to bring their lists of the days arrivals to Joseph each evening.

On their way, Joseph’s brothers repent of what they did to him and resolve to find him and bring him back home.

Yasher 51:6 And while Joseph’s brothers  were going on the road, they repented of what they had done to him, and they spoke to each other, saying, We know that our brother Joseph went down to Egypt, and now we will seek him where we go, and if we find him we will take him from his master for a ransom, and if not, by force, and we will die for him.

Why were Joseph’s brother  declared to be spies?

Yasher 51:7 And Joseph’s brothers agreed to this thing and strengthened themselves on account of Joseph, to deliver him from the hand of his master, and Joseph’s brothers went to Egypt; and when they came near to Egypt they separated from each other, and they came through ten gates of Egypt, and the gate keepers wrote their names on that day, and brought them to Joseph in the evening.
8 And Joseph read the names from the hand of the gate-keepers of the city, and he found that his brethren had entered at the ten gates of the city, and Joseph at that time commanded that it should be proclaimed throughout the land of Egypt, saying,
9 Go forth all ye store guards, close all the corn stores and let only one remain open, that those who come may purchase from it.

Yasher 51:11 And Joseph gave the written names of his brethren to him that was set over the open store, and he said unto him, Whosoever shall come to thee to buy corn, ask his name, and when men of these names shall come before thee, seize them and send them, and they did so.

But Joseph’s brothers did not come to buy food right away; they were busy looking for him. I think where they looked suggests what they thought of him. And isn’t it suspicious that 10 men who come into the city at separate gates now meet in a place that condones anonymity? Continue reading Joseph’s Brothers Are Found

Joseph Is Exalted

Most of us live in a kingdom where men, women too unfortunately, strive to become the “all they can be”; more respect, more pay, more notoriety. But Yehovah’s kingdom operates on a different set of values; in His kingdom the man who will lay down his life as His servant is exalted and given great reward. It is for this reason that I love this story in which Joseph is exalted.

Joseph excelled as a servant to Potiphar, as a servant overseer in the house of confinement and even in service to his fellow captives. Today this servant is exalted by Yehovah to save his family, Egypt and the people from many nations from a great famine.

In Genesis, after Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream, he moved seamlessly into the number two spot in Egypt.

And Pharaoh said to his servants, “Can we find such a one as this, a man in whom is the Spirit of Elohim?” Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Inasmuch as Elohim has shown you all this, there is no one as discerning and wise as you. You shall be over my house, and all my people shall be ruled according to your word; only in regard to the throne will I be greater than you.” (Gen 41:38-40)

In the book of Yasher we get the rest of the story. After Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream he is not believed. Joseph then prophecies that Pharaoh’s 2-year-old son would die and that he would have another son born to him that very night.

Yasher 48:62 And the king answered and said unto Joseph, Who says and who knows that thy words are correct? And he said unto the king, This shall be a sign for thee respecting all my words, that they are true and that my advice is good for thee.
63 Behold thy wife sits this day upon the stool of delivery, and she will bear thee a son and thou wilt rejoice with him; when thy child shall have gone forth from his mother’s womb, thy first-born son that has been born these two years back shall die, and thou wilt be comforted in the child that will be born unto thee this day.

Well, these words are not the kind of words that most kings want to hear and Joseph is taken back to the house of confinement and that night all Joseph’s words came to pass.

Yasher 49:1 After these things the king sent and assembled all his officers and servants, and all the princes and nobles belonging to the king, and they all came before the king.
2 And the king said unto them, Behold you have seen and heard all the words of this Hebrew man, and all the signs which he declared would come to pass, and not any of his words have fallen to the ground.

Finally Pharaoh is willing to consider Joseph as the man sent by Elohim to prepare Egypt for the coming famine.

Yasher 49:8 And the king said to all the officers: I have thought that since Elohim has made known to the Hebrew man all that he has spoken, there is none so discreet and wise in the whole land as he is; if it seem good in your sight I will place him over the land, for he will save the land with his wisdom.
9 And all the officers answered the king and said, But surely it is written in the laws of Egypt, and it should not be violated, that no man shall reign over Egypt, nor be the second to the king, but one who has knowledge in all the languages of the sons of men.

All the languages of the sons of men were 70 and Joseph spoke only his own language. Continue reading Joseph Is Exalted

This Side Of The Jordan

this side of the jordanThese are the words [hadavarim] which Moses spoke unto all Israel on this side of the Jordan; in the wilderness in the plain across Suph [the plain at Sinai], between Paran and Tophel; and at Lavan, and at Hazeroth, and at Di-zahav. (Deu 1:1)

Deuteronomy begins with Moses speaking to Israel’s seed on the plains of Moab, just across and a little south of Jericho. So when I read the words “this side of the Jordan” I assumed that the place we were standing on was the place called “this side of the Jordan.” I assumed this because sometimes my understandings are very small and unable to see the larger picture Yehovah is presenting for those who have eyes (spiritual eyes) that do see.

Sometimes it is easy to be blinded by our present circumstances and miss the reality of what Yehovah wants to do in our lives. I looked at the map in this picture and did not find a single one of those bolded places in the above verse. “What is going on here?”, I asked myself.

Then it hit me. Context, context, context is what this is all about; understanding Yehovah’s word within the context of Yehovah’s word. Where did Yehovah speak all His words [His davarim] to us prior to our coming to this place across from Jericho? Suddenly I realized that all these places on this side of the Jordan; were not that place opposite Jericho, but rather that place we have been since we crossed over the Red Sea (40 years before) and entered into Yehovah’s ruler-ship. These seem to be the places where Moses received the words of Yehovah and gave them to His son, Israel. Continue reading This Side Of The Jordan

Joseph – Road To Egypt

Road to Egypt, Joseph, Yasher 42, Yasher 43, Yasher 44,Genesis 37 begins with these words.  “Now Jacob dwelt in the land where his Father was a stranger.” Yet, Joseph’s road to Egypt began with the words of Israel.

And Israel said to Joseph, “Are not your brothers feeding the flock in Shechem? Come, I will send you to them.” So he said to him, “Here I am.” (Gen 37:13)

Also I heard the voice of my Master, saying: “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me!” (Isa 6:8)

Why was it Israel and not Jacob who sent Joseph to his brothers? I think it is because this journey is of Yehovah and today we will see His hand in every step in Joseph’s road to Egypt.

We saw last time in “Joseph and family rejection” that Yehovah even sent a messenger to Joseph at Shechem to get Joseph to his brothers. Genesis calls him “a certain man,” but Yasher calls him an angel of Yehovah, His messenger (a man).

Today we will see that the brothers saw the Ishmaelites coming from the north and decided to sell Joseph to them; but before they arrived some Midianite (מדינים – mid-ya-Nim) traders coming from the south rescued Joseph and planned on keeping him. But when the brothers saw that Joseph was safe, they threatened the Midianites, who called them on their lies, with violence. The sons of Jacob are scary guys.

Yasher 42:12 And behold Simeon rose up from his seat against them, and sprang upon the ground and drew his sword and approached the Midianites and he gave a terrible shout before them, so that his shouting was heard at a distance, and the earth shook at Simeon’s shouting.
13 And the Midianites were terrified on account of Simeon and the noise of his shouting, and they fell upon their faces, and were excessively alarmed.

Joseph is sold the 1st time on his road to Egypt Continue reading Joseph – Road To Egypt

Joseph And Family Rejection

Joseph, family rejection,Everyday, we who have come to understand more of Yehovah’s eternal and unchanging ways, experience rejection. And the deeper our understandings and the more our actions deviate from those around us, the greater that rejection becomes. Yehovah can harden the hearts of our family members just as he hardened the heart of Pharaoh and the hearts of Joseph’s brothers to accomplish His perfect will in our life. But the most hurtful, the most grievous rejection of all is family rejection.

Today we begin the story of Joseph, a less than perfect man who experienced family rejection in its fulness when his brothers decided to murder him. But he went on to become a man used by Elohim to save his family and many others.

Other than the birth of Joseph in Genesis 30:24, he is not mentioned until he is 17 years old. Joseph was only 14 when his brothers fought the 6 day war with the 7 Amorite cities 3 years before; and he is not mentioned there because he and Benjamin were too young and, I believe, too precious to Jacob to fight.

Yasher 41:5 And Joseph the son of Jacob, and his brother Benjamin, the sons of Rachel, the wife of Jacob, were yet young in those days, and did not go out with their brethren during their battles in all the cities of the Amorites.
6 And when Joseph saw the strength of his brethren, and their greatness, he praised them and extolled them, but he ranked himself greater than them, and extolled himself above them; and Jacob, his father, also loved him more than any of his sons, for he was a son of his old age, and through his love toward him, he made him a coat of many colors.
7 And when Joseph saw that his father loved him more than his brethren, he continued to exalt himself above his brethren, and he brought unto his father evil reports concerning them.
8 And the sons of Jacob seeing the whole of Joseph’s conduct toward them, and that their father loved him more than any of them, they hated him and could not speak peaceably to him all the days.
9 And Joseph was seventeen years old, and he was still magnifying himself above his brethren, and thought of raising himself above them.

Here is a time-line for the life of Joseph, just like the ones I did for Abraham and Jacob.

0 – Joseph born in Haran (Gen 30:24 & Yasher 31:21)

9 – Rachel dies at 45 & Benjamin is born (Yasher 36:11 & Gen_35:16-18)

14 – Joseph’s 10 older brothers fight the 6 day war with the 7 Amorite cities. (Yasher 37 – 39 & Yasher 41:5-6)

17 – sold in slavery (Gen_37:1 & Yasher 40 -42)

17 – In Potiphar’s house (Gen_39:1 & Yasher 42)

18 – Placed in prison for 12 years. (Jasher 44:77)

27 – Butler and the baker arrive at the prison (Yasher 46:5)

28 – Interprets the butler’s and the baker’s dreams (Yasher 46:19-20, Gen_40:23)

30 – Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream (Gen_41:46)

34 – Joseph’s twin sons are born (Yasher 50:15 & Gen_41:50-52)

37 – Famine begins (Genesis 41:54 & Yasher 50:18)

38 – Brothers come to Egypt the 1st time (Genesis 42:1 &Yasher 51:1-6)

39 – Brothers (39 – 45) come 2nd time w/ Benjamin (30) and go back for their father (130) and families  (Yasher 53 & Gen_45:1 – Gen_47:9)

56 – Jacob, and then Esau (147) die (Gen_47:28 & Yasher 56:1-2)

71 – Pharaoh dies, and Magron (41) his son reigned in his place – Joseph acts as Magron’s father (Yasher 58:1-2)
71 – Joseph reigned over Egypt for 40 years (Yasher 58:11)

89 – Joseph and the sons of Jacob with 600 men killed 200,000 of 800,000 men sent by Esau. (Yasher 58:17)

110 – Joseph dies (Gen_50:26)

Continue reading Joseph And Family Rejection