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Yeshua’s final Passover week

Passover and Resurrection MonthIn my videos I try first to tear down many of the “false images” that most Christians and many Messianic Jewish believers have in their minds; if I do not do this they have no room for the true and righteous teachings that Yehovah has for His people. So, with that in mind, part 1 of my series tries to separate the last supper and Passover. Only Passover meets the requirements set aside for us in Yehovah’s instructions concerning Passover; and Yeshua could only die on that day. In other words, and I know you understand all of this, the last supper had NOTHING to do with the Passover! It was simply the “last supper” that Yeshua had with his disciples, nothing more.

A chronology of events related to the days just prior to Yeshua’s death and resurrection and a comparison to Yehovah’s instruction concerning Passover.

Here is a pdf file that goes along with the video. You may have to right-click on it and the click “Save as” to download it to your system.

The audio track is also available for download

Passover and Resurrection Month PDF

2 – Passover and Resurrection Month from Ambassador Michael Didier on Vimeo.

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