Rayah’s Song

A psalm of love and deliverance.
Written by our dear friend and author, Nancy Rich Foster

To you Yehovah, shall I sing my praise!
For you have looked into my very soul,
You have seen my hopeless despair,
My torment and misery, have you seen.

You have heard my voice raised in frustration,
As I raged against you, my Creator.
You have seen me sneer in anger at your truth,
As I ridiculed, harassed and laughed at your messenger.

Yet you, who created me, have withheld your anger,
And have instead, given me unconditional love.
You have lovingly withheld your judgment,
In the face of my stubborn defiance of your holy word.

You in all your wisdom, heard not the words of my mouth
But the yearning’s of my hunger for your truth,
Truth so hidden within myself that
I, even I, knew not that they were there.

Then, Oh Yehovah, in my darkest hour
As I trembled at your feet,
Tormented in mind and body,
You saw my misery, and my failings.

You looked into my very being,
You measured my worth, and found me wanting.
With all my faults and idiocies
And you loved me anyway.

You who loves me! Yes! Even me.
Opened my eyes to your warrior’s truth.
You, Oh Yehovah, have filled my emptiness.
My very soul with song, and laughter!

You have filled my heart with hope!
My life overflows with happiness.
You have given me peace, in the place of chaos.
You have blessed me with the love of Michael!