Bible Mapper 3 Is FREE!

Bible Mapper 3I am so grateful that I found Bible Mapper 3!

For me, it really helps to have visual aids; and by getting more of my senses involved I retain what I am learning so much better. So when I read through the entire Tanach (Genesis through Malachi) back in 2000 I looked up, or tried to look up, every place that was mentioned. And, by doing this, I learned so much more.

But my biggest problem I was finding maps that were adequate for the task. I had to use multiple maps to find what I needed and this made my task very slow. Sad to say, many of those maps were so poorly constructed that they were almost useless.

But recently I found a map that did everything I needed and more. It is a free program called Bible Mapper 3 which was created by David P. Barrett.

Bible Mapper 3 thumbnailHere is a screen-shot of my Bible Mapper 3 and if you click on it you can see it at 100 percent.

This Bible Mapper 3 program has many amazing features which are just not possible in the conventional jpeg type maps. Here are just a few of the goodies.

  • The detail is amazing and the elevation legend renders clean and crisp colors
  • The zoom feature allows adjustment to see just the area that is important to you at the time.
  • You can decide which places you want to see and which places you do not. And if a place you want is not on the map you can add it.
  • It is adjustable for various periods of time. Right now in my Sabbath Class we are using the period called “Patriarchal (2000 BCE to 1700 BCE)
  • There is a tool to measure distance from point to point or the distance in a multiple point path
  • You can decide what kind of typography you want to see displayed; lakes, mountains, rivers, cities, trade route, even political boundaries can be turned on or off at your desire
  • It has a great search feature to aid you in your search also

This wonderful map program can be downloaded and installed at BibleMapper 3.

Advanced features require (free) registration key; and you can write to David P. Barrett at:
bibmap to obtain a key. (Write the first part of the email address as bibmapsupport3 with no spaces. Our apologies for the extra step of manually modifying the address. We are trying to avoid spam by adding this step.)

Every serious student of Yehovah’s word needs this free Bible Mapper 3 program and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.





8 thoughts on “Bible Mapper 3 Is FREE!

    1. Sorry Tom!

      I did some research this am to see if I could find David Barnett and hope he is OK. But, as you said, all my emails were returned. I will take down this page once I know that you have received this reply.

      Thanks for letting me know,


  1. Speaking of maps.Theres a site that has detailed maps but of the battles of the Israelites If It Interests The history aspect has always been Intriguing to myself.

  2. I have tried to see the information on but it makes me log in. I don’t have a login set up and it doesn’t have any option to create a new login. Is there a way to address this?

    1. I’m sorry Dawn! I went to the download link with Brave and Firefox and it worked on both. There was no log-in that I found on that page. Just the download links for Bible Mapper 3, 4 & 5. Keep in mind that only Bible Mapper 3 is free. Just follow the directions under the download link Bible Mapper 3. Hope this helps.

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