e-Sword is a FREE Program

e-SwordFor anyone who loves Yehovah (the LORD) and His word, e-Sword is an amazing Bible study program. It is completely free and because you get to choose which Bibles, commentaries and dictionaries you want; it can be set up to meet all your personal study needs. It has Greek, Hebrew and even the Hebrew picture language is now available with a little extra effort.

What other Bible can you write in, erase in, highlight in any color, make comments on all your verses, create unlimited topic notes and have it better than new after ten years of intense and daily use? Not to mention the multiple translations, dozens of dictionaries and the ability to look up a Hebrew or Greek word in multiple lexicons at a whim?

This FREE program can be yours by going directly to e-Sword and downloading it and all the components you want from there. It is not difficult; here is where you begin.

Now download and run the file called “e-Sword v13.0.0 (or better) application installation” found in the middle of that page.

e-Sword has just made downloading all the Bibles, dictionaries and maps easier than ever. Simply open up your new e-Sword program and, at the top, select “Download” and then “Bibles.” Once the new window opens, select all the Bibles you want included in your e-sword. Next, at the top of the same window, select “Download” and then “Start.” That is all there is to it. Now do the same thing for all the dictionaries (get ’em all). You will love this program. After more than 15 years of using e-Sword I can say that it is my most precious possession.

Incidentally this free e-Sword software also has a great training demo to help you get started. You can find it under the “Help” menu.

If you need extra help please feel free to give me a call at 425-242-8598 and install a program called TeamViewer so I can assist you remotely. And, if you like, I would be happy to share with you my personal and extensive study notes, topic notes and highlights. Just ask.

Are you a Mac or Linux user? There is a link for you on the bottom of the e-Sword download page as well.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful program as much as I do. May you have many eye-opening and fruitful studies!

13 thoughts on “e-Sword is a FREE Program

  1. My eyes are newly opened and I can’t wait to learn it all. It is so exciting. Thank you for your passion.

  2. I cant live without my e sword. I keep it open on my laptop every day.
    What bibles do you use Michael? Im curious about the Hebrew picture language you mentioned. I have ASV, ESV, CJB♥, GNB (when I just dont understand), KJV, KJV+, HNT/HOT+ (Which I dont understand).:-P


  3. I have over 12 years worth of study notes, topic notes and highlights. If anyone wishes to contact me 425-242-8598 I will gladly share these files with you and set up your e-Sword so it is more user-friendly.

    Beyond calling me, all you need do is download and install TeamViewer.com; with it I can install all of these files and several other e-Sword additions.

  4. Michael I love E-Sword and having your notes and mark up files which you heartily gave me made it even more valuable and beneficial. Hope more people will install TeamViewer and contact you. Thanks again

  5. Thanks for the 411 on the e sword so many options, again thanks I will use it always. Shalom

  6. Lovely portion. I need more to upgrade myself in Jehovah and to let others around me know more about Him. Thanks.

  7. Hi. I have an Android. The page States it cannot support my phone type. Any suggestions as to what my options ate and how I can proceed? Thank you…

    1. Dear Iris,

      I too have an Android, so I have the same problem. My desktop is where I do the majority of my study and writing. My Android is only for reminders of what I have already found. That said, I use an app called “MySword Bible”. I especially like it because I can check the Hebrew.

      Kind regards,


  8. I Believe in the name of the Web, We are Israel.
    Following that I purchased the E-Sword app that you recommended. After paid $10.00 I realize tha it’s all from the Sect of Christianity. Wow! Christian don’t stop to surprises me. Misleading info to trap people. Don’t recommend Christian material that confuses the sons of Hashem 😠

    1. Dear Debbie,

      The link for the FREE download of e-Sword is right on this page. You can’t even install e-Sword without first clicking an acknowledge which says that “e-Sword is FREE and not to be sold”. So if you paid for it you did not go to the link which I suggested.

      FYI – I hate Christianity and Judaism, they lead men, and their women, in a way that they were never intended to walk. We must learn Yehovah’s created purpose for a man and for a woman, they are not the same! E-Sword provides the tools to set both men, and their women, free from the doctrines and tradition which we have all been taught.


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