Man’s Holi-days

holidays vs holy days. holi-days vz holy days, feasts of Yehovah, Christmas, Easter,Oh, the lies we have learned. For years, practically a lifetime, I kept the holi-days of men (New Year’s eve, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and so many more) while thinking that I was doing “God” a service.

Man’s Holi-days Are Not Yehovah’s Holy Days

The first light for me that something was wrong came Easter Eve in 1999 as I contemplated the 3 days and three nights between “Jesus'” death and his supposed resurrection. Why is there at best only a day and a half between Friday night and Sunday morning? I started to do some research on the internet (yes Rayah they did have internet back in the olden days) and found some appalling things. I tried to share them to my “ex woman” but she wanted no part of truth; she was way too busy making Easter eggs, and laying out the kid’s Easter clothes for the next morning to be interested. That single event was probably the beginning of the end for my first marriage. I wanted truth and my ex loved the lies, the traditions of men.

Where were all these holi-days in Yehovah’s eternal and unchanging words which He gave to His spiritually born men (Israel) through Moses? Instead of finding justification for Easter and Christmas, I found that these man-made holi-days were part of the worship of other gods. Worship that Yehovah says we are not to be involved with.

It took me years of research to separate myself from the holi-days that I had been taught were acceptable and right, but found out otherwise.  In the links that follow I will address several of these man-made holi-days in hope that you too will be moved toward the light of Yehovah’s word also.

May the light of Yehovah’s eternal and unchanging word shine for you as you also seek for truth.

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It took me years to learn about the holy days that Yehovah does require for His people (men) and even longer to become one of His called-out ones.