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Last Days

Last Days Sequence of Events

I have been asked many time to give my perceptions of what we can expect to happen in the last days, so here is a series of blogs that details what I see, in the scriptures, coming on the world.

 Many times in the scripture the true Passover (as performed according to the instructions which were codified in Exodus 12) has been followed by cataclysmic events. The destruction of Sodom, Egypt and Canaan are all examples of the above statement and will all will be discussed in this article. Is it possible that the great tribulation will also begin with a True Passover?

(2) A Nation Born In A Day?
The beginning of the last days will begin completely unnoticed by the world! It will be like any other day for most; but for faithful servants who are following all the instructions of their Master, it is a day set apart.

(3) ISRAEL the STATE can’t stand!
The STATE of ISRAEL will not be able to stand in these coming last days because they do not do the things that are required of Yehovah’s people, True Israel.

(4) The Sealing
After ISRAEL THE STATE is destroyed and the whole world says, “OMG – what happened to Israel?”, the servants of spirit elohim, Yehovah, are going to be sealed in their foreheads and then be exulted like a banner in the wilderness.

(5) The Great Exodus.
Those who want to become Yehovah’s people are just now being called into the Wilderness by the 144,000 servants of Elohim that are scattered throughout the earth. Here are Yehovah’s first two messages that they will proclaim to the world.

(6) In the wilderness
It will be during the 1260 days, 42 months, 3 1/2 years in the wilderness that most of the 7 seals, trumpets and plagues will be released on the earth. But just like the first time we were brought out of Egypt the Father will again provide His people with a little sanctuary.


Here is a link to the rest of the videos on this subject.

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