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Yehovah Will See / Yehovah Ra’ah

Yehovah will see” is the synopsis of the entire story of Genesis 22; Isaac being taken by Abraham in order to make him an olah or “burnt offering,” a sweet aroma to Yehovah. Abraham is being tested. Will his love for Isaac supersede his love for THE Elohim and creator of all things? Yehovah will see!

Yehovah Will See!

I always saw Isaac in my mind as a young child who was ignorant as to the plans that Yehovah and his father had for him.

The book of Yasher, once again, corrects some of the false images that we have been taught concerning this story.

Yehovah Will See Isaac

Listen to a short conversation between Ishmael (51) and Isaac (37) in Yasher 22.

Yasher 22:41 And when Isaac was thirty-seven years old, Ishmael his brother was going about with him in the tent.
42 And Ishmael boasted of himself to Isaac, saying, I was thirteen years old when Yehovah spoke to my father to circumcise us, and I did according to the word of Yehovah which he spoke to my father, and I gave my soul unto Yehovah , and I did not transgress his word which he commanded my father.
43 And Isaac answered Ishmael, saying, Why dost thou boast to me about this, about a little bit of thy flesh which thou didst take from thy body, concerning which Yehovah commanded thee?
44 As Yehovah lives, the Elohim of my father Abraham, if Yehovah should say unto my father, Take now thy son Isaac and bring him up as an offering before me, I would not refrain but I would joyfully accede to it.
45 And Yehovah heard the word that Isaac spoke to Ishmael, and it seemed good in the sight of Yehovah, and he thought to try Abraham in this matter.

Yehovah Will See Abraham

Yasher chapter 22 ends with a conversation between Yehovah and Satan. Here is the last part of that discussion.

Yasher 22:50 Hast thou [Yehovah] seen Abraham the son of Terah, who at first had no sons, and he served thee and erected altars to thee wherever he came, and he brought up offerings upon them, and he proclaimed thy name continually to all the earth’s seed.
51 And now that his son Isaac is born to him, he has forsaken thee, he has made a great feast for all the inhabitants of the land, and Yehovah he has forgotten.
52 For amidst all that he has done he brought thee no offering; neither olah [“burnt offering”] nor shelamim [“peace offering”], neither ox, lamb nor goat of all that he killed on the day that his son was weaned.
53 Even from the time of his son’s birth till now, being thirty-seven years, he built no altar before thee, nor brought any offering to thee, for he saw that thou didst give what he requested before thee, and he therefore forsook thee.
54 And Yehovah said to Satan, Hast thou thus considered my servant Abraham? For there is none like him upon earth, a complete and an upright man before me, one that fears Elohim and avoids evil. As I live, were I to say unto him, Bring up Isaac thy son before me, he would not withhold him from me, much more if I told him to bring up a olah [burnt offering] before me from his flock or herds.
55 And Satan answered Yehovah and said, Speak now unto Abraham as thou hast said, and Yehovah will see whether he will not this day transgress and cast aside thy words.

Yehovah Will See, And He Did See!

This is a beautiful story and there is so much to understand for those who have eyes that see.  Yehovah spoke to Abraham in a vision; He did not even give all of His instructions until Abraham had acted on what he had already been told. Yehovah told Abraham to bring his promised son as a olah in the place that He would show him? Where was that place? Did Isaac understand what was going on? What day was it that Isaac was to die? Who were the men left waiting at the bottom of the hill that Abraham and Isaac ascended? How does what happened in chapter 22 (Isaac – an olah) relate to chapter 23 (Sarah dies in Hebron)? Does this story relate to Passover, the second birth and the “Time of Life? Inquiring minds want to know the answers to these questions and more.

Yehovah Ra’ah – Yehovah Will See!

Yehovah ra’ah is translated in by most as “The LORD will provide” and that translation comforts those who want to continue in the doctrines and traditions of men. BUT, Yehovah ra’ah is really “Yehovah will see.” Yehovah will see you and Yehovah will see me. The question is, “Will Yehovah see us acting according to his created purpose, or not?

Yehovah Will See / Yehovah Ra’ah

2G27 Genesis 22 & Yasher 22 – Yehovah Will See / Yehovah Ra’ah
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