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Jacob Meets Esau (Parts 1 & 2)

Jacob meets EsauJacob meets Esau today for the first time in over 20 years. Few people understand the hatred that exists between these two brothers; one a total man of the flesh, and the other a spiritual man who always seeks to follow only Yehovah.

Our story ended last time with Laban breaking his covenant with Jacob and sending his servants to rekindle Esau’s hatred toward Jacob and his desire to destroy him, and now, his whole household.

Yasher 31:64 And Esau heard all the words of Laban’s messengers, and his anger was greatly kindled against Jacob, and he remembered his hatred, and his anger burned within him.
65 And Esau hastened and took his sons and servants and the souls of his household, being sixty men, and he went and assembled all the sons of Seir the Horite and their people, being three hundred and forty men, and took all this number of four hundred men with drawn swords, and he went unto Jacob to smite him.

And just so there is no doubt as to Esau’s intent against Jacob, the servants of Laban who stirred up Esau have now gone to Rebekah in Canaan.

Yasher 31:69 And Laban’s messengers departed from Esau and went to the land of Canaan, and they came to the house of Rebekah the mother of Jacob and Esau.
70 And they told her saying, Behold thy son Esau has gone against his brother Jacob with four hundred men, for he heard that he was coming, and he is gone to make war with him, and to smite him and to take all that he has.

My NKJV, of course, says that “angels” of Elohim met him. But these “malakim,” like practically everywhere in Torah, are “messengers,” men. Continue reading Jacob Meets Esau (Parts 1 & 2)