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A Male Child Will Be Born Unto Us

a male childA male child will be born!

The book of Yasher includes many details that are not available to us in Torah; details that helps Torah make sense, and it will do it again many times in this Sabbath teaching.

We saw last time, that in the 102nd year after Israel’s seed came, with our families, to Egypt that there arose a new king who did not know us.

Today we begin with the marriage of Amram, the son of Kohath, the son of Levi to Jochebed, THE daughter of Levi, Amram’s aunt. Jochebed arrived in Egypt in her mother’s womb, so her age helps us determine how many years after we arrived in Egypt that their children (Miriam, Aaron and Moses) were born. And Yasher fills in much detail concerning their births as well.

Right after the birth of Miriam and Aaron, Pharaoh has a dream and Balaam the son of Beor interprets his dream for him.

Yasher 67:18 And Balaam the son of Beor answered the king and said unto him, This means nothing else but a great evil that will spring up against Egypt in the latter days.
19 For a male child will be born to Israel who will destroy all Egypt and its inhabitants, and bring forth the Israelites from Egypt with a mighty hand.

Next Balaam suggests that Pharaoh take counsel concerning what is to be done with Israel to prevent the birth of a male child who will deliver Israel; and he calls his two counselors. Look at who one of them is.

Yasher 67:24 And the king sent and called his two counselors Reuel the Midianite and Job the Uzite, and they came and sat before the king.

Reuel is Moses’ future father-in-law and also a seed of Abraham through Katurah; he is a man of good understanding who counsels the Pharaoh to leave Israel alone or send them away. He gives Pharaoh a long history about those who contended with Jacob and his seed and finishes with these words. Continue reading A Male Child Will Be Born Unto Us