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Intentional And Unintentional Sin

TzitzitI am amazed at how much we, who call ourselves Yehovah’s people, are involved in unintentional sin. The more I study Torah the more I see just how far we have gone away from Yehovah’s eternal and unchanging ways. But there is something worse than unintentional sin, it is the sin which is done openly for all to see and emulate; this open rebellion bring a reproach on Yehovah!

This chapter (Numbers 15) finishes with a discussions of why only Yehovah’s son, the Ezrach, wear tzitzit and is certainly related to unintentional sin for many today.

In the first part of Numbers 16 we will see 254 men, leaders of Yehovah people, who “look” honorable but are the first to be destroyed at the beginning of our 40 years in the wilderness; all because we would not believe Yehovah and hear and obey Moses.

Intentional And Unintentional Sin

2N07 Numbers 14:10 – 15
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Precept 11 – Grace

YHVH (the LORD), the Creator and God (Elohim) who reveals Himself so wonderfully in the Law and the Prophets, is no different that the Elohim spoken of in the New Testament. YHVH does not change and His word endures forever. To think otherwise is to harbor a false image in our mind that will prevent us from seeing and living in His eternal kingdom. Correcting these false images and providing the intellectual tools to search out the truth of the scriptures for ourselves is the purpose of this series of writings.

One of the greatest false images that we embrace in our minds and then incorporate into our actions is a false image of what “grace” actually is. The majority of those who call themselves Christians have used this false idea of grace as a “get out of jail free card.Continue reading Precept 11 – Grace