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Jacob Received The Blessing

The search engines tell me that if I had called this blog “Jacob stole the blessing” instead of “Jacob received the blessing” I would receive more hits, but only at the expense of the truth.

Jacob received the blessing, Genesis 27[Note: Jacob and Esau are 63 years old when Isaac, at 123 years of age, blesses Jacob. Isaac lived 180 years.]

Genesis 27 is the story of the Isaac’s spiritual blessing. Did you hear that? Issac’s blessing is spiritual and it had to go to the spiritual man, Jacob; it would have been an abomination to have Esau who Yasher calls “a designing and deceitful man, one who hunted after the hearts of men and inveigled them” had received this spiritual blessing. Augh, may it never be!

Genesis 27 begins this way.

Now it came to pass, when Isaac was old  and his eyes were so dim that he could not see, … (Gen 27:1)

I think it was more than Isaac’s eyes that were dim, it appears that Isaac may have become dim spiritually also; he wanted to give his spiritual blessing to the son who lived in the flesh. Was he blind as to what was going on in his own household? Consider these facts.

  • Rebekah received a prophecy from Shem, Eber and Abraham saying.” The greater shall serve the younger”

And Yehovah said to her: “Two peoples are in your womb, two nations shall be separated from your body; and a nation from a nation shall be stronger, and elder shall serve younger.” (Gen 25:23)

Yasher 26:10 And she said unto them, Why am I alone in this amongst all the women that were upon earth? And she went to the land of Moriah to seek Yehovah on account of this; and she went to Shem and Eber his son to make inquiries of them in this matter, and that they should seek Yehovah in this thing respecting her.
11 And she also asked Abraham to seek and inquire of Yehovah about all that had befallen her.
12 And they all inquired of Yehovah concerning this matter, and they brought her word from Yehovah and told her, “Two sons are in thy womb, and two nations shall rise from them; and one nation shall be stronger than the other, and the greater shall serve the younger.”

  • Esau was a man of the flesh, a man who was completely disinterested in spiritual matters like knowing Yehovah and His ways.

Yasher 28:18 At that time Isaac sent his younger son Jacob to the house of Shem and Eber, and he learned the instructions of Yehovah, and Jacob remained in the house of Shem and Eber for thirty-two years, and Esau his brother did not go, for he was not willing to go, and he remained in his father’s house in the land of Canaan.

  • Esau was a “designing and deceitful man” who “hunted” the hearts of men.

Yasher 26:17 And the boys grew up to their fifteenth year, and they came amongst the society of men. Esau was a designing and deceitful man, and an expert hunter in the field, and Jacob was a man perfect and wise, dwelling in tents, feeding flocks and learning the instructions of Yehovah and the commands of his father and mother.

Yasher 28:19 And Esau was continually hunting in the fields to bring home what he could get, so did Esau all the days.
20 And Esau was a designing and deceitful man, one who hunted after the hearts of men and inveigled them, …

  • Esau sold his birthright, which was an extra 1/3 of the wealth of his family, for one meal after he killed Nimrod.

If Esau despised his fleshly birthright, why on earth would Isaac give him the spiritual blessing? Jacob was the spiritual man who dwelt in heaven and always sought to know Yehovah and His ways.

  • The “blessing” is “Yehovah’s blessing” on those who will lead His people, and it did not always go to the eldest son.

Shem was Noah’s middle son and it is clear that Noah put Yehovah’s spiritual blessing on him; not Japheth (the elder) and certainly not on Ham!

And sons were born also to Shem, the father of all the sons of Eber, the brother of Japheth the elder. (Gen 10:21)

Jacob Received The Blessing

Jacob received the blessing; he had to! If Esau had received this blessing, Yehovah’s word would not have come to pass. The older HAD to serve the younger. What Yehovah says, MUST be done!

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Jacob received the blessing

2G33 Genesis 27 & Yasher 28-29.24
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