Unequally Yoked 1 – Marriage Strife

unequally yoked, role of a woman, woman of worth, Because of the NT commentaries many woman today feel that they are “unequally yoked” to their man and trapped in an unresolvable situation. But can a woman who is bone of her man’s bone and flesh of her man’s flesh really be unequally yoked? She is he!

There Is No Such Thing As An Unequally Yoked Marriage

This False Image in our minds concerning a woman being “unequally yoked” to her man comes from a misinterpretation of what Paul is actually saying in his writings. And these same commentaries have become the excuse for many a woman to leave her man. And this is all accomplished with the supported by many religious organizations (a.k.a. churches).

Today the world has spun so far out of alignment with Yehovah’s system of government for the family that the guidelines, which are in accordance with His created purpose, are now seen and treated as evil.

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! … because they have rejected the law of Yehovah of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel. (Isa 5:20-21, 24)

As a boy growing up in the fifties and early sixties, I can’t remember a single friend that did not have both a father and a mother in their home; and our moms were almost always homemakers, not bread winners. The biggest problem I can ever remember having in school was the occasional bully. There were no guns, no drugs and teenage pregnancy was practically unheard of. We needed no “family channels” because all of the channels and programs on television promoted family values. Now even the Family Channel promotes homo-sexuality and teen sex.

The strong and extended (multi-generational) family is the foundation for a strong society. But there is a covert war that has been waged for over 100 years against our families and against our women in particular, and “Equal Rights” and “Feminism” are two of the most potent weapons used against them.

In Yehovah’s Kingdom A Woman Never Leaves Her Man

I have discussed the idea that a woman can never leave her man in my 4 part series of articles called “Divorce And Remarriage.” In that series we see that leaving your man is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire; and no possible good can come of it because it runs contrary to Yehovah created purpose for a woman. But look at what is now happening in the world.

65 – 70% of all divorces in the US are initiated by the woman.

In 2000 a paper called “Do Men or Woman File for Divorce More Often? was published in American Law and Economics Review by Margaret F. Brinig and Douglas W. Allen. It reported data (Table 1, p. 128) from several studies across the United States spanning more than 100 years (1867 to 1995) regarding the percentage of instances where the woman had filed for divorce. The conclusion showed that 65 – 70% of all divorces in the US are initiated by the woman.

43% of 1st marriages end in 15 years – 5/25/01

One of the latest reports about divorce was released this year by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). It is based on a 1995 federal study of nearly 11,000 women ages 15-44. It predicted that one-third of new marriages will end in divorce within 10 years and 43 percent within 15 years. That is not a death sentence, however; it’s a forecast. Martha Farnsworth Riche, former head of the Census Bureau, told USA Today,This is what is going to happen unless we want to change it.”

This 1995 federal study was from 20 years ago, and I am betting that this 43% stat is worse today. I don’t have a TV, but I do check out DVDs from the library. It always amazes me to hear the women on them saying things like “If my husband did that, I would kick him out of the house.”

Kick her husband out of the house? Oh Yehovah, please forgive the ignorance of your creation for following the lies that have been taught to us.

The roles of a man and his woman in the family is near to my heart; and I weep for any family that has to go through what my ex put my children and me through. My wife of almost 25 years, who was counseled by “Christian” men, took it upon herself to divorce me. She believed, probably still does, that she was a Godly woman who was doing what she (in her misguided understanding) thought was right. But she has no clue that she no longer even has a relationship with the Creator without a man in her life. She, with the powers of this world, tossed out her place of safety (under my covering) and made our children fatherless.

The majority of my Facebook and blog friends are women, and I have to say that, I wish that were not the case. [For I am looking for men (servants of Yehovah) who will leave the kingdom of their birth, join themselves to Yehovah and His other called-out people and then, at Passover, become His spiritually born sons.]  But I am still very pleased to know so many wonderful women who want to live only Yehovah’s created purpose for their life; to me it seems that there are far more women who want to know Yehovah’s ways than men. This fact grieves me greatly.

The biggest problem I see for these dear women is that they do not know what Yehovah’s will for them is and I see three main reasons for this confusion. First, the feminist attitudes and equal rights ideas that get shoved down their throats everyday is causing them to go in directions that they should not go. Many of these dear woman live as if they are men. Secondly, they lack knowledge concerning the duties and responsibilities for a man in Yehovah’s kingdom, versus those for a woman. And finally, nobody understands what it takes to be a part of Yehovah’s kingdom. Yehovah’s kingdom only has two kind of men, yes I did say men (with their families) in it; the Ezrach and the Ger. There are no Gentiles in His kingdom; the Gentile becomes a Ger when he leaves the kingdom of his birth and joins Yehovah’s kingdom. My old kingdom was the United States and my old and master of all the elohim in that kingdom was G.W. Bush.

But for the woman who wants to learn and do only Yehovah’s ways we need to invest some quality time to understand the second reason; learning Yehovah’s duties and responsibilities for a woman.

Unequally Yoked Or A Lack Of Understanding?

unequally yokedHere is what I see happening far too often. A woman begins to see that Israel (which she is not, unless her man is) is to keep Yehovah’s Sabbath, eat clean, keep Yehovah’s feasts and not the pagan feasts like Easter and Christmas that practically everyone has learned. Now, because she wants to do Yehovah’s ways and her man does not; strife begins to rise up between them. He wants his BLT and she won’t buy the bacon. He wants to go to his folks house for Christmas but she wants no part of it. He wants to take her out to dinner on Friday night but she does not want to break the Sabbath.

Now, instead of bringing her man on-board by doing Yehovah’s eternal and unchanging ways meant for a woman, she is alienating her man from herself and Him.  Next she begins to get concerned about her future and that of her children.  She talks to friends, and sometimes even pastors, who are trained in the world’s way of doing things and decides to leave her man because they say she is “unequally yoked.”

Because of our ignorance concerning Yehovah’s word and the role of a woman of worth, our marriages are being destroyed. Is that what is supposed to happen when Yehovah’s light comes into a marriage? Now the woman has lost her only place of safety and made her children fatherless. Please know this! IN YEHOVAH’S KINGDOM A WOMAN NEVER LEAVES HER MAN; in Yehovah’s kingdom the stats for a woman initiating a divorce is 0%.

Well this series is all about getting a better understanding of the woman’s duties and responsibilities to her master. There is no word for a “husband” or a “wife” in Torah; that distinction has more to do with who the woman belongs to and in what capacity she is to serve.

I am calling this series “Unequally Yoked” for purposes of our faulty “Christian” understandings and for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes; but can a woman who has become bone of her man’s bone and flesh of her man’s flesh be unequally yoked? Ridiculous – she is he!

So much to learn, so little time.

Do you feel unequally yoked? Want to save your marriage and make it easier for your man to turn to Yehovah’s ways? Want to prevent your children from becoming fatherless? Would you like to be part of the light in this very dark world instead of adding to that darkness? I can help you, as I have helped many, but you need more knowledge and greater understandings; and that only comes with you putting in the effort. You can not change your man, but you can change yourself and become a woman of worth who is loved by Yehovah.

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