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  1. Hi and thanks for visiting my site!

    As a man who has dedicated his life to living and teaching Yehovah’s eternal, unchanging ways and kingdom, it is REALLY exciting for me to know who is interested in learning the ways that lead to life. Please consider signing this page and leaving even just a short comment at the very bottom of this page. It would encourage me greatly. Thanks so much!

    1. Michael, It is so great to have discovered your Blog site. Good teaching is a blessing and along with Tovia Singer and many others, I perceive that this is going to be a really good teaching site. Thank you for your dedication.
      Alice Rogers Geer

    2. We are Israel. I’m not sure how I stumble across your page but I am happy I did. while I have not read any of your teachings, I can tell by the titles of your recent posts that I am interested. I read in the “About Me” section and I am encouraged by your testimony. Surely Yehovah is with you!

    3. l was a Charismatic Christian 50 yrs! But now I consider myself a Spirit_Filled (Baptized in (the Holy Spirit) Messianic Christian! I have gone to orthodox christian for some of the Feasts (one hr drive from my home in the mountains) Thanks for your instruction in these The Last times, dear brother!

  2. Thank you sharing all of the knowledge you have learned. By sharing, I have come to understand questions I have had since I was 12. At 38, I am still excited about learning and sharing.

  3. Thanks Michael for all your time invested in sharing all of the knowledge that יהוה let you find while you were and still are looking for His ways. It is a tremendous blessing for you, and for us, and for the people that are starting to get into יהוה ‘s paths. And as you say, “so much to learn, so little time”, we feel the same way. Thanks and keep it up!.

  4. Thank you Michael for the time spend searching the Scriptures and sharing your teachings with us. My house is blessed by what you teach.Shalom

  5. Shabbat Shalom Michael, and thank you for so much and the opportunity to learn more through the Scriptures. Be blessed!

  6. I love your writing. I like to study. This is brief because our internet is down at home and I am at library for a few minutes.

  7. Michael’s Born again Series is the best Born Again teaching the planet can offer. I am watching and studying his teachings. Michael is a true scholar for today’s generation. May Yah bless you and keep you Brother Michael

  8. Thank you Michael for your tireless efforts to teach the truth about the one and only. I thoroughly enjoy the teachings,and the challenging of my thinking. I pray that many will hear and understand the truth through your wisdom and knowledge.

  9. Thanks for all your efforts and teachings Michael. The availability of good teachings are valuable for all of us that have much to learn.

  10. I can’t even remember how I found your website, but I’m so glad that I did! I’m sure Deuteronomy 4:29 had something to do with it. 🙂 I’ve learned so much from you, your sabbath classes, and your writings! Thank you so much for helping me understand what the Scriptures actually say instead of the usual doctrines and traditions of men that everyone else teaches!

  11. Comments like the ones all of you have left me, I hope, will give folks who might otherwise reject something which seems so foreign, and challenge them to give it a second chance to sprout in their hearts.

    Everything I have to say fits together perfectly with the whole of the Torah, and if it does not I will not say it. But new concepts are difficult to learn by those who already believe they know the truth.

    One thing I have never but up on my blog is a statement of beliefs; partly because I keep learning and growing and partly because I do not want people to write me off before they hear what I have to say and why.

    Your sweet comments help me, in part, to reach others with Yehovah’s good news, and for that I say, “Thank you!”

  12. Blessed Sabbath Michael,

    Thank you for your teachings arriving to my email. It is good to discern the ways of YHVH from the traditions of man, and serve The King! Faithfulness has cost me as it has cost you, yet there is no substitute for repentance in these last days. May Yahweh bless your path to The Kingdom. Shalom!

  13. Shalom, shalom, Michael! So glad to see you are a new friend on FBI and looking forward to knowing you better. May Abba Yahweh bless you and expand your territory~ shavua tov ~ hope to talk to you soon, Brother. Cheryl

  14. Michael – just want to tell you how very much I appreciate all your efforts for all of us, in sharing Yehovah’s Words, & helping us follow Him with our entire being. Shabat Shalom!

  15. Shabbat Shalom Michael

    I have enjoyed the Shabbat’s that we have spent together sharing the words of Yehovah over years, and the insight that have been revealed to you thought your diligent studies. I look forward to the Sabbaths when we get together to go through the scriptures and see what new things have been brought forth thru your faithful studying. It truly is a blessing for all who are interested in learning Yehovah’s ways.

    Be Blessed

    See ya in the morning


    Rabbi Jake Smale
    Miami Florida
    Head Rabbi Yeshiva Israel

  17. I am loving every moment of teaching and learning so much that I am actually getting out and talking with people myself. When I think I’m stuck I just look to Jehovah and refer them to you. Thank you Michael for loving and caring!!

  18. Michael it was so nice to be able to talk to you today, your wisdom is a blessing to others, may Yahweh bless you and keep you safe!

  19. Shalom Brother Michael,

    First, I want to say thank you for sharing the knowledge you possess. Many of us who are new to Torah are either overwhelmed with such a vast amount of information on the internet in regards to Torah observance, with much of it being in conflict with one another. Other times, the information lacks any serious depth beyond foundational teachings, leaving us starving (this has been my case). Also, the lack of mentorship that is available to those of us new to Torah can leave us to our own demise in trying to discern what is of Yahovah, and what is not.

    Your website has been a light in the darkness as the answer to the aforementioned issues that new Torah observers face. I certainly have benefited beyond expectation.

    I also want to say thank you for your willingness, and openness to communicate at a level of discipleship. Not only have you made your teaching freely available, but you have made yourself available to answer any questions that I might have in regards to these teachings. It is much appreciated.

    May the Father offer you exactly what you need through each unfolding moment of this day! Amein!

  20. The short time that I have spent on here I find all your words right on and valuable.
    Thank you for digging deep in the scriptures and sharing what you have learned.
    Have a blessed week. Shalom

  21. Shabbat Shalom Michael , from me and my clan, down here in Enumclaw .
    We were late to hear tha 11:00am teaching, but will try to listen in archives. Look forward to learning!

  22. Got a new phone, can have these studies at all times. Elated with joy. May the Creator bless all who will look to Him for all wisdom, knowledge, salvation! Halleluyah!

  23. Michael, We met about 5 years ago on Aviv moon network. You were my 1st friend. I just recently have been reading reading your articles and have been very blessed. I will continue reading and catch your teaching on Shabbat.

  24. I have come to your site, to make sure I don’t eat any unclean things. I am a Christian, Baptist. I’m trying to be more pleasing to God, by conforming to his wishes of what I should eat. I’m hoping that by doing so I will grow in my relationship with him. I want to be pleasing to him in every possible way.

  25. Thanks much for the extra knowledge I found on your blog. I was actually checking on clean fish to eat and learned a whole lot more.

    Many thanks. #WeAreIsrael

  26. Hello Michael,

    I am member of a small fellowship of Torah pursuant believers. I have been learning Torah and learning to walk in Yehovah’s ways for about 7 years now. I have read a few of your articles and found them quite challenging… even to the point of being somewhat discouraging; but I keep coming back for more. The members of my fellowship range from those who lean toward Orthodox Judaism (who like to think of us as a Messianic community) – to those who still belong to a “Christian”, non-denominational church, but are learning Torah and learning to keep Yehovah’s commandments. I fall somewhere in the middle of that range. We recognize that we are all imperfect beings (fallen), but we accept our wide range of personal beliefs for the sake of maintaining our fellowship. I came back to your site to study up on Yom Teruah, and got more than I bargained for. I want to observe the moedim to the best of my ability… I recognize and accept that my observance will be imperfect… but we have agreed to gather in remembrance on Wednesday evening, Sept. 20, in keeping with the rabbinical calendar (our agreed-on compromise). Some of us will privately observe other dates based on observation of the new moon, and various other calendars… We recognize and accept this, and agree that we should not divide over different beliefs about the feast days. So many voices, so many beliefs, such a wide variance, especially when it comes to dates!
    Some of your articles leave me wondering what your theology is….many cast doubt on many things that many people believe to be truth… So what do you believe? Do you believe any of the “New Testament”? You quote the teaching of Yeshua, but it appears that you deny his divinity… Do you believe he was the son of Yehovah? Or, if you believe he was sent by Yehovah, what do you believe was his mission? Many believe he was the “Lamb who was slain” for the redemption of our sins… Do you not believe that? Many believe we are living in the prophetic “end times”… Do you believe that? Do you believe Yeshuah was the prophesied Messiah, sent to “save” believers? Do you believe he will return to conquer the Earth and reign as King? I’ve tried to find evidence of your beliefs amid your dispute of the vast majority of beliefs, but I have only found that one article leads typically to several others, and I have yet to determine exactly where you stand on various matters that I think are of some importance. So, back to the reason I am posting this; what day do think is Yom Teruah, and what do you think we should be doing (or not doing) on this day? I tried to watch your video, but it didn’t seem to be nearing any firm conclusions, and I fell asleep before I finished it. I am going to try again, but the way you raise your voice in derision and seeming ridicule makes it difficult for me to listen patiently. I am hoping that if I suffer through the disdain in your voice, I will find a nugget of truth and wisdom.
    Joe Hooper

    1. Great comment Joe – probably the longest comment I have ever had. I can’t possibly, and won’t even try to answer all of your questions. But MOST of them come down to what I would conclude is a misunderstanding concerning which words, in what the world calls “the Bible”, are actually the words of Yehovah that His people, spiritual Israel (His His Ezrach men} are not to add to our subtract from. With that in mind, I would like you to read two articles in particular. The first has to do with what words are Yehovah’s and is called “Words Of God“. The second article has to do with the “New Testament Origins“. When, and under what circumstances, did the Catholic Church add the “New Testament” writings to the Hebrew’s scriptures? Are they even allowed to do that?

      Secondly. I must apologize! I DO get loud and many people see it as offensive. Please understand that I am not trying to be offensive, but rather PASSIONATE about what I teach, I and understand the darkness that most people have already accepted as light, and want desperately for them to see the unchanging and enduring words that Yehovah actually did speak. Ha – even my own woman (wife) says that I am a better writer than I am a teacher. I disagree in some ways, but I do understand. PLEASE, over-look my faults and listen and research the thing I have prepared for those who want to understand the deeper things concerning Yehovah’s image and kingdom on the earth which we can learn from only HIS words.

      Finally, I think it is only the Ezrach and all their males who keep Yehovah’s feasts; and even that can only be done poorly without a temple and a priesthood. Did Yehovah ever tell Egypt, Babylon or the citizens of any other kingdom to do anything? Do the Gentiles keep the Sabbath?

      We have so many poor “understandings” that it is ALMOST impossible to hear and embrace the real truth when it arises like the sun. Why? Because it flies in the face of what we have previously accepted as truth, and the two can’t coexist. The 1st link I submitted in this comment is foundational to most of what I teach. We MUST understand how a Gentile become a “Ger (stranger) and then how that Ger becomes Yehovah’s Ezrach (Native-born man). This is the spiritual journey that every man must embrace.

      May Yehovah lead you as you learn to follow only Him,


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