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A new friend recently sent me a comment that I would like to share with you.

“Dearest Michael…

My husband and I just finished the third of your Genesis teachings: G1, G2 and G3… but we will have to go much, much deeper…. Never have I heard such teaching and I know in my spirit that every word is Truth. As I listen… the whole Bible weaves together before me… verse – by verse into an incredible tapestry – like: clockwork…. click – by click all of a sudden my eyes open – my ears pop – and it seems I wake from a long, long slumber. I know that my husband is just as captivated as I am. Even though he might not have as much knowledge as I have… it is good now, because he is not as encumbered with having to unlearn as much as I do and he can build on a Clean Slate! We have been together for 20 years and married for 10… and for the first time… EVER – (Since Oct 16th), when he surrendered his life to Yehovah there is a New Man emerging. I can clearly see the Priest coming to Life … and I am almost breathless.

Thank you Michael


Journey through Torah. Torah teaching verse by verse, Genesis through Deuteronomy is Torah, Michael Didier, Gentile becomes a Ger,Below are links to our previous lessons in our “Journey through Torah” which can be listened to here or downloaded to your computer or mp3 player and heard at your convenience. To save the file just right-click on each one and select “Save File As.”
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Our Journey Through Torah Begins In Genesis!

And God Said …
2G01 Genesis 1

The first 3 chapters of Genesis set the stage for understanding all of Yehovah’s word.

Creation Of ‘The Man’ And His Woman
2G02 Genesis 2 – 3.7
This is a MUST hear audio for all who love Yehovah
and His eternal and unchanging ways!

The Fall Of Man
2G03 Genesis 3:1-20

When most folks hear the words “fall of man” they tend to think “the fall of mankind,” which is not bad if it were understood as eesh-kind or male-kind.

The Book Of Yasher Intro.
The Fall Of Man And The Rise Of A New Kind
2G04 Genesis 3:21 – 4:12 & Intro to Yasher
The disobedience of ha·a·dam resulted in the fall of man, but it also resulted in the rise of
a new “kind” which Yehovah never intended. The seed of belial.

Enosh – Mortal Man
2G05 Genesis 4.13-26 and Yasher 1.13-36
The enosh who will humble himself and follow only Yehovah’s way is the man in His kingdom who will be crowned with glory and honor and immortality.

The Sons Of Men
2G06 Genesis 5 and Yasher 2-3:16
Enosh’s first-born son, Cainan, began to turn “the sons of men” to the service of Elohim in order for them to, once again, be conformed into Elohim’s image.

Enoch And Methuselah – Men Of Yehovah
2G07 Yasher 3:17-4 and Genesis 6:1-9
Enoch, Methuselah and Michael Didier all asked the same question, “Where is the man who delights to know the ways of Yehovah his lawmaker and judge?”

Noah: A Wholly Righteous Man
2G08 Genesis 6:9-22 & Yasher 5
Noah was a wholly righteous man (eesh) who walked with THE Elohim of all the earth; while ha-a-dam’s seed (also men) perverted HIS WAY in all they did.

Noah’s Ark – Pop Quiz
2G09 Genesis 7 & Yasher 6
Sometimes the details in Torah are easily overlooked; but many of them are most revealing for the man who reads carefully. Here is the story of Noah’s ark.

Noah Built An Altar
2G10 Genesis 8-9:17
“Noah built an altar to Yehovah.” This is the first thing Noah did after he was delivered from the fate of the disobedient antediluvians and left the ark.

Noah Cursed Canaan?
2G11 Genesis 9:18 – 10:19
Torah says that “Noah cursed Canaan” and Canaan is the youngest of 4 brothers, why not curse Cush? No, there is much more to this story to understand.

Genealogy Of Shem – Abram
2G12 Genesis 10:20 – 11
This lesson is all about the genealogy of Shem – Abram. It is in the context of a great rebellion ha-a-dam’s seed the the light of Yehovah begins to shine.

Abraham’s Birth – A Sign In The Heavens
2G13 Yasher 7 & 8
The book of Yasher records the very night of Abram’s birth in Nimrod’s kingdom and the sign in the heavens that was seen by the wise men and conjurers.

The Tower Of Babel
2G14 Yasher 9 & 10
In Yasher 9 and 10 we will see that Abram (living with Noah and Shem) was about 40 years old when the tower of Babel was begun and 48 when it was destroyed.

Abram Destroys Terah’s Idols
Abram in Nimrod’s furnace
Abram Before Nimrod (Elohim And Images)
2G15 Jasher 11 & 12
After Abram arrives at Terah’s house he finds a host of idols dwell it as well; and he swears, in Yehovah’s name, to destroy them all before 3 days are up. And then finds himself in the midst of Nimrod’s fiery furnace.

Abram Taught Men To Follow Yehovah
2G16 Genesis 12 & Yasher 13
As we have seen all along, it is the Yasher (upright) men of Yehovah who taught ‘ha·a·dam’ seed, just like Abram taught men, to know & follow only Yehovah.

Abram And Lot Separate – Lot Was Not “With” Abram
2G17 Genesis 13 & Yasher 14 & 15
Abram and Lot separate – When Abram left Haran (at 75) Lot (68) went “with” him. I will suggest that Lot was not with him in the way his 600 other men were.

Abram Rescues Lot
Pray For Jerusalem’s Peace
2G18 Genesis 14:1-18
Pray for Jerusalem? We will see here that Ye·ru’-sha·lem’ is NOT a place, it IS a people; those spiritually born men who lead all in their gates peacefully.

How Old Was Abram When …
Spiritually Born Seed

2G19 Genesis 14:19 – 15

It is the man who carries the seed of future generations; but we will see, in Genesis 15 that the seed Yehovah is promising Abram is spiritually born seed.

A Message For Hagar
2G20 Genesis 16 and Yasher 16:22-36
Yehovah’s messenger found Hagar pregnant & alone in the wilderness; he had a one short message for her. Will she receive it, or remain uncovered and alone?

Genesis 17 – My Covenant / My Cutting
2G21 Genesis 17
Understanding this cutting goes still deeper. Genesis 17 is a prelude to Genesis 18; and is fundamental to our understanding what is happening in Exodus 12.

Passover Is The ‘Time Of Life
2G22 Genesis 18 and Yasher 17:1-15
Passover is ‘The Time of Life’! Yehovah is visiting Abraham, at the moed; and He will return at the same time next year when the promised seed is born.

The Wickedness Of Sodom And Gomorrah
Sins Of Sodom And Our World Today
2G23 Yasher 18 – 19:44
Many of the sins of Sodom are an accepted and natural part of the kingdoms most people live in today. Be sure your sins will find you out, just like Sodom.

Two Witnesses Mark The Beginning Of The End
2G24 Genesis 19 & Yasher 19:45-60
The two witnesses whom Yehovah will use in the future serve only Him and, like Shem taught Abraham, will teach all men to leave the kingdoms of their birth.

The Spiritual Son Is Born

“She Is My Sister” – Genesis 20

2G25 Genesis 20 & Yasher 20
She is my sister? The woman who Yehovah promised is to bear Abraham’s seed, in less than a year, has just been taken by Abimelech. What will Yehovah do now?

Divorcement Bill
2G26 Genesis 21 & Yasher 21
A man can not have any bone and flesh in his life who, when he asks her to scratch his ear, picks his nose instead. Divorcement bill is Yehovah’s solution.

Abraham Walked With Yehovah
Abraham demonstrates a righteous life

Yehovah Will See / Yehovah Ra’ah
2G27 Genesis 22 & Yasher 22
“Yehovah will see!” is the synopsis of Genesis 22; Isaac being taken by Abraham in order to make him an olah or “burnt offering.” Abraham is being tested.

The Life Of Sarah
A Sweet Aroma to Yehovah / Sarah Passes with Joy
2G28 Genesis 23 & Jasher 23-24:17

Yehovah told Abraham to bring Isaac to Moriah and make him an olah; the olah is the smoke that comes from the altar which is the sweet aroma to Yehovah.

Rebekah, The “Extra Mile” Girl
2G29 Genesis 24 & Yasher 24:18-28
A woman should expect to find her Isaac if she, like Rebekah, will learn to become a woman of worth; a woman more sought after than rubies by the righteous.

Concubine Versus “Wife”
2G30 Genesis 25.1-27 and Yasher 24.29-45 – Concubine Versus “Wife”
Why was Sarah Abraham’s wife and Hagar and Keturah his concubines? Rachel, a wife; and Bilhah, a concubine. Why is one woman a wife and another a concubine?

Jacob, A Perfect Man
2G31 Genesis 25.27-34 and Yasher 25-26
Jacob was a complete, mature, whole, upright and perfect man who shunned evil and feared Elohim. Why do the translators call him mild, plain and quiet man?

Jacob And Esau Timeline
Esau Killed Nimrod
2G32 Genesis 26 & Yasher 27
Relatively few people have ever heard that Esau killed Nimrod; and then despised his birthright because he, like Nimrod, had a desire to rule the world.

Jacob Received The Blessing
2G33 Genesis 27 & Yasher 28-29.34

Isaac in Gerar (Yasher)
If I called this blog “Jacob stole the blessing” instead of “Jacob received the blessing” I would receive more hits, but only at the expense of the truth.

Yehovah’s Promise To Jacob
Esau Hates Jacob
2G34 Genesis 28-30.16 and Yasher 29.24-30.4 – Esau Hates Jacob

Esau hates Jacob, and he always will! The man who lives out his life in the flesh will always hate the man who lives his life in service to Yehovah.

Jacob Receives Yehovah’s Promise
2G35 Genesis 30.18-31.19 and Yasher 30-31.35

Jacob was sheckleless and alone when he arrived in Haran; all he had was Yehovah’s promise. But in 20 years Jacob receives the promise.

Jacob Meets Esau – 1 & 2
2G36 Genesis 31:19-55 & Jasher 31:36-32:45
2G37 Genesis 32-33 & Yasher 32:45-73
Jacob meets Esau today for the first time in over 20 years. Few people understand the hatred that exists between these two brothers.

The Taking Of Dinah And The Fall Of Shechem
2G38 Genesis 34 & Yasher 33-34:49

The story about the taking of Dinah, the sister of 11 brothers, is amazing and the implications of what had been done to her had significant ramifications.

Hebrews Are Kept Safe
Their Elohim Is Exceedingly Fond Of Them
2G39 Genesis 35 and Yasher 34.49-36
The Hebrews, Yehovah’s called-out men, are loved and kept safe by Him; they only are His special treasure whom He holds close to Himself at all times.

Genesis 36 – Esau’s Women And Seed
2G40 Genesis 36 & Yasher 36-37:26
Genesis 36 has more bad information in it than any other chapter in Torah, though there are several chapters in Deuteronomy that take a close second.

Mighty Men Of Elohim
2G41 Yasher 37.26 – 40.22

Yehovah is right now raising up mighty men who will serve only Him; mighty men of the spirit, not the flesh, whom HE can make strong in the last days.

Joseph And Family Rejection
2G42 Yasher 40.23-42.25

The most grievous pain of all is family rejection. Yehovah can harden their hearts just as he hardened Joseph’s brother’s hearts to accomplish His will.

Joseph’s Road To Egypt
2G43 Genesis 37 and Yasher 42.26-44.10

Genesis 37 begins with this. “Now JACOB dwelt in the land where his Father was a stranger.” Yet, Joseph’s road to Egypt began with the words of ISRAEL. Why?

Tamar And The Seed Of Judah
2G44 Genesis 28-39 and Yasher 44:11-80
The story about Tamar and Judah in Torah is found right in the middle of the 1st year of Joseph’s descent and dwelling in Egypt. Yehovah will have His way!

At The Death Of Isaac
2G45 Genesis 40 – 41 and Yasher 45 – 47

It was at the death of Isaac that two mortal enemies came to together to bury their father; Jacob, the man of the spirit and Esau, a total man of the flesh.

Joseph Is Exalted
2G46 Genesis 42 and Yasher 48-51.42

Joseph is exalted! Yehovah’s kingdom operates on a different set of values; in His kingdom a man who will lay down his life as His servant is exalted.
Joseph’s Brothers Are Found
Joseph’s brothers are forced to come to Egypt to buy provisions for all of Jacob’s camp, and Joseph puts a plan in motion to find them when they do.

Judah Is Surety For Benjamin
2G47 Genesis 43 and Yasher 51.44 – 53.22
Judah told Jacob that he would be surety for his brother Benjamin. What is surety? Can it be used for both good and bad? Yehovah warns men to flee form it.

Joseph’s Brothers Are Tested
Genesis 44 & Yasher 53.22 – 54
When Joseph’s brothers return they bring Benjamin and a message from Jacob, but Joseph has decided that before he can trust them again, they must be tested.

Jacob Sees Joseph After 22 Years
2G49 Genesis 45-46 and Yasher 55.1-18
I was disappointed when I read the story in Torah of when Jacob sees Joseph for the first time in 22 years, but Yasher covers this wonderful reunion better.

Jacob’s Last Words
Torah and Yasher cover Jacob’s last words to his sons & grand-sons (his seed); some are blessings, some are rebukes, & some are instructions for the future.

The Days Of The Years Of My Pilgrimage
2G50 Genesis 47 – 49 & Yasher 55.19-36

Jacob, like Isaac, Abraham, Shem and Noah has been on his pilgrimage since the day he was born. He has always served Yehovah & dwelt in His eternal kingdom.

Esau Died Preventing Jacob’s Burial
2G51 Genesis 50 & Yasher 56

I think of Jacob as the man of the spirit and Esau as a total man of the flesh; and find it interesting that Esau died shortly after Jacob. Here is why.

Joseph Ruled Egypt For 80 Years
2G52 Yasher 57 – 59

The Pharaoh that raised Joseph up, loved him, and after his death asked Joseph (71) to be a father to his son. So Joseph ruled Egypt for 39 years more.

Our Journey Through Torah Continues In Exodus

Balaam, Bela and Beor Their Father
2E01 Exodus 1.1-14 and Yasher 60 – 63.10
Balaam, His brother Bela and their father Beor are the people of Angeas, King of Dinhabah. Today we meet Balaam son of Beor at 15 years old in Yasher.

There Arose A New King Over Egypt
2E02 Genesis 1:15-22 and Yasher 63:15-66:1
The new king over Egypt said, “Look, the people, Israel’s seed, are more and mightier than we.” More and mightier? What was the reason for his concern?

A Male Child Is Born Unto Us
2E03 Genesis 2:1-10 and Yasher 67-71:1
Little Miriam prophesied saying, a male child will be born unto us from my father and mother this time, and he will save Israel from the hands of Egypt.

Moses Timeline And Life From 3 – 27 Years
2E04 Exodus 2.16-20 and Yasher 71-75
Timelines help me see more clearly how one event relates with another.
Here are timelines for Abraham, Jacob and Esau, Joseph and now, Moses timeline.
Ephraim’s Dry Bones Filled The Valley
The slain of Ephraim’s seed remained forsaken in the valley of Gath for many years,
and were not brought to burial, and their dry bones filled the valley.
How long was Israel in Egypt? 430, 400 or 210 years?

The Rod Of God (Elohim)
Exodus 2:21 – 3 and Yasher 76 – 78
Moses, now 78, finds the rod of God (Elohim – THE lawmaker and judge),
His token of authority, and plucks it from Reuel’s (his future father-in-law) garden.
Here I Am!
One of the most beautiful compound words Yehovah gave through Moses & His prophets is the Hebrew word “hin-Ne-ni” which is often translates as “Here I am!”

Who Is Yehovah?
  2E06 Exodus 4-5 & Yasher 79

Who is Yehovah? He is the Hebrews’ Elohim who always does what He says;
THE Elohim of the called-out men who have made Him their only lawmaker & judge.

How Does A Man Become a Hebrew?
2E07 Exodus 6-8:15
How does a man become a Hebrew? He leaves the kingdom of his birth and becomes wholly Yehovah’s man. A man can only serve one master.

I Am  Yehovah
2E08 Exodus 8:16-10
What Yehovah says, He will do”. So I was pleased when I went back to the first verse that gave me this understanding and read “I am Yehovah!”

Celebrating A True Passover (Part 1)
2E09 Exodus 11 – 12.39

Separating the light from the darkness and Passover go very well together
A real Passover is not like Christmas and Easter where you buy and wrap a few gifts or paint a few eggs at the last-minute; it requires careful planning.

Celebrating A True Passover (Part 2) – Becoming Beni Israel
2E10 Exodus 12:40 – 13 and Yasher 80:41-80:1

Beni Israel and the “native born,” the Ezrach, are one in the same. Join me as we find out who these so called “children of Israel” really are.

Red Sea Crossing
2E11 Exodus 14 and Yasher 81.1-44
It was at the Red Sea Crossing that the last of Egypt’s seed (multiple generation of Egypt’s men) died. Just as they had tried to drown Israel’s seed.

Yehovah’s Seed Collected The Manna
2E12 Exodus 15-17 and Yasher 81.45-82.1

Yehovah spiritually born men, known as Israel’s seed, received and collected the manna according to the number of the persons who were in their tents.

Yehovah’s Son/Seed Received His Commandments
2E13 Exodus 18-19 and Yasher 82.1-8

“Thou shall have” no Elohim but Me. All of Yehovah’s commandments are given in the 2nd person, masculine, singular voice because he is speaking to His son.

10 commandments, And The Rest Of The Story
2E14 Exodus 20 & 21

Think you are keeping the 10 commandments? You may be surprised.
I find that there are so many doctrines and traditions of men associated with the
10 commandments, that most can not even see the truth concerning them.

Men, Women, Servants
2E15 Exodus 21 & 22
In our Sabbath class we saw that what is good for the goose is NOT good for the gander; Yehovah laws apply differently to men women servants and the Ger.

The Sent One
2E16 Exodus 23
“Behold, I send a messenger before you to keep you in the way and to bring you into the place which I have prepared. (Exo 23:20)

The Ark Of The Testimony
2E17 Exodus 24 and 25
The ark of the testimony and the heart of Yehovah’s called out man have much in common.

Instructions For The Tabernacle And The Court
2E18 Exodus 26 and 27
Today we covered the coverings for the tabernacle, all of its construction, the veil, the screen, the bronze altar and the court.

Consecration Of The Priests
2E19 Exodus 28 and 29
Yehovah gives Moses His instructions concerning how the priests are to be consecrated to His service.

Here Is Your Elohim O Israel!
2E20 Exodus 30-32
How does the Law of Jealousy in Numbers 5 and the incident with the golden calf in Exodus 32 relate to one another? All Israel had to drink the bitter waters.

Tent of Meeting
2E21 Exodus 33-34
The Israelites, Yehovah’s Ezrach men, had a tent of meeting for the 70 elders which Moses moved outside of their camp and closer to the mountain. It is often confused with the  Tabernacle of Meeting.

Bezelel and Aholiab
2E22 Exodus 35-38
Bezelel and Aholiab begin the Tabernacle, the court and all that is in them.

Tabernacle is Raised
2E23 Exodus 39-40
The Tabernacle is raised on the first day of the first month in the second year after we left Egypt.

Our Journey Through Torah Continues In Leviticus

Tabernacle is Raised
2L01 Leviticus 1
Leviticus 1 is all about the “burnt offering,” an olah, elevation, or rising of a sweet aroma to Yehovah.

Grain, Peace and Sin Offering
2L02 Leviticus 2-4
The kor-vawn or “offerings” that the Ezrach and the Ger bring to Yehovah is all about “drawing near” to Him. Like the olah (or “burnt offering”), the mincha (or “grain offering”) and the shelemim (or “peace offering”), are both completely voluntary. We bring them because we love Yehovah.

Yehovah’s Fire
2L03 Leviticus 5-7:21
In this portion we talk about the asham and then start 6 and 7 and the Torah of the olah (burnt offering), minkah (grain offering) and Kha-ta-at (sin offering). we will finish the Torah of the shal-a-mim (peace offering) next week.

Today You Shall See Yehovah
2L04 Leviticus 7:22-10
Today is the 1st day of the 1st month in the 2nd year after Yehovah brought Israel out of the land of Egypt. Our priests are now consecrated and the tabernacle has finally been assembled; now Yehovah will appear to us.

Clean Meat In Torah
2L05 Leviticus 11-13
Clean foods belong to the realm of tahor and are acceptable or useful in promoting the image of Yehovah in the world; while tamei / unclean foods, are not.

Bodily Issues
2L06 Leviticus 14-15
Bodily issues for men and woman; both normal issues and the abnormal issues. All with the soul intent to keep from defiling Yehovah’s tabernacle when His spiritual seed (Israel) come before Him.

Day Of Coverings
2L07 Leviticus 16
Does Yom Kippurim foreshadow some coming event? Has this event happened before? Why does Aaron receive two identical goats from Israel’s seed? Why use a lot to decide which one is to live and die? Who and what is being covered on this day? Are Gentiles covered on this day? Were any Egyptians covered?

How And By Whom Is Clean Meat Slaughtered?
2L08 Leviticus 17
Failing to understand how and by whom our clean meat is to be slaughtered will get us kicked out of Israel before we even have a chance to join ourselves to them.

Sexual Prohibitions In Torah
2L09 Leviticus 18
What does Yehovah have to say about His men taking near of kin women, homosexuality, lesbianism,  bestiality and more? You may be surprised.

Who Is Thy Neighbor?
L16 Leviticus 19

Who is the “thy” and who is thy neighbor?
A review of the 10 commandments and more.

Judgments Regarding Sexual Impurity
2L11 Leviticus 20
Yehovah gave Israel many statutes regarding sexual prohibitions in Leviticus 18. Today, in Leviticus 20, we will see the judgements for those in Israel who break His eternal and unchanging statutes. They are outright killed or kicked out of Israel (still an eternal death sentence).

The Priests Must Remain Tahor
2L12 Leviticus 21& 22
Priests must always keep themselves in a state of tahor (cleanliness)

Lunar Sabbath Debunked
2L13 Leviticus 23:1-33

Discussed who is to keep these feasts, Sabbath, lunar sabbath and Passover
Feasts Of Yehovah
2L13 Leviticus 23:1-33
The feasts of Yehovah (the LORD) paint a panorama of what we can expect in these last days, but to believe that any one of them has reached complete fulfillment is a grave error.

Feasts Of Yehovah
2L14 Leviticus 23:33-25:12
Understanding just who “the children of Israel” are and who it is that dwells in booths will change the way you read the scriptures. We have learned many lies.

Land Sabbath and Jubilee
2L15 Leviticus 25:13-26:46
Yehovah’s land Sabbaths – every 7th year and the 50 year Jubilee – are for spiritual Israel once they receive the land that He will give to each of His sons.

Separated To Yehovah
2L16 Leviticus 27
People, beasts, houses and lands can all be separated unto Yehovah by His Ezrach men.

Our Journey Through Torah Continues In  Numbers

Israel Is Numbered
2N01 Numbers 1 and 2
Today Israel is numbered, all 603,550 of them. They are all men, 20 year and above who are able to go to war.

Priestly Service And Burdens
2N02 Numbers 3 and 4

All who were numbered of the Levites, … everyone who came to do the work of service and the work of bearing burdens in the tabernacle of meeting were eight thousand five hundred and eighty. (Num 4:46-47)

Law Of Jealousy
2N03 Numbers 5-6
The law of jealousy is all about confirming or removing the doubt in a man’s mind as to whether or not his woman has been secretly with another man.

Second Passover Observation
2N04 Numbers 7 – 9:14
Both Passover and second Passover are about the personal redemption of a man (and his family) back to Yehovah and finding forgiveness for His sin.

Who Are Yehovah’s People?
2N05 Numbers 9:15-11
And Moses said, “The people whom I am among are six hundred thousand men on foot; yet You have said, ‘I will give them meat, that they may eat for a whole month.’ (Num 11:21)

Miriam And Aaron Are Rebuked
2N06 Numbers 12 -14:9
Miriam and Aaron are rebuked when they challenge Moses’ authority, but Miriam seems to be the one the was chastened most severely. Why?

Intentional And Unintentional Sin
Unintentional and presumptuous sins
Only Yehovah’s seed, the Ezrach, wear tzitzit

12 Spies And Israel’s Rebellion

2N07 Numbers 14:10-15
Israel feared the people of the land after 10 of the 12 spies gave a report filled with unbelief, even in light of the pillar of smoke and all the miracles these these men have seen Yehovah perform for them over the last 15 months.

Korah Leads A Revolts
2N08 Numbers 16-17
Korah, with Dathan and Abiram, lead many of Israel’s seed in a revolt against Yehovah’s appointed authorities (Moses and Aaron).
Israel rebels against Moses and Aaron and 14,963+ are killed by Yehovah

Red Heifer
2N09 Numbers 18-19
Red heifer and the cleansing water for those who are unclean because of the dead.

Moses Hits The Rock
The Defeat Of Sihon And Og

2N10 Numbers 20 & Yasher 83:33 – 85:33
Moses was angry and frustrated. Instead of taking the rod of Elohim (the symbol of his authority) and then SPEAKING to the rock, he hit it with the rod!

Balaam Ben Beor Ben Janeas Ben Balaam Ben Beor
2N11 Numbers 21
We will see that there are two men named Beor who have sons named Balaam, both from the same family line, seed.

The Way Of Balaam 1
2N12 Numbers 22 – 23
What is the perverted way of Balaam that Yehovah called-out people are not to go in?

The Way Of Balaam 2
The utterance of a man with eyes wide open about what Israel will do to all nations in the last days.
Zimri And Cozbi
2N13 Numbers 24-25
Phinehas (the High Priest’s son) in righteous zeal, took a javelin, entered Zimri’s tent and pinned Zimri and Cozbi to the ground.

There Is No Word For Wife In Torah
2N14 Numbers 26-27:11 and 36

There is no word for wife in Torah; yet the translators use the word
“wife” constantly. That poor choice limits our understandings both short and long-term.
Daughters Of Zelophehad
2N14 Numbers 26-27:11 and 36
For many, the story of the daughters of Zelophehad seems to say that women can own land. I think this whole idea comes from our erroneous “wishful thinking.”

Lunar Sabbath Further debunked
2N15 Numbers 27:12-29
In the Lunar Sabbath perspective, the 1st day is a Sabbath, not the 7th! So its Sabbaths are the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and the 29th day of each month. Augh!

A Vow To Yehovah
2N16 Numbers 30–31
When we make a vow to Yehovah; we use His name for the surety of words we have spoken; and, like Him, we must do what we say, because He does, what He says.
Israel’s Booty – Midianite Virgins And Livestock
2N16 Numbers 30–31
A war with Midian. Moses said, kill every male among the children, and every woman who has known a man among the captives. But keep alive for yourselves the Midianite virgins.

Are There Any Mistakes In Torah?
2N17 Numbers 32-34
Are there mistakes in Torah? Is the Bible is the “unerring word of God”?
Ha – I wish I could write those words as the religious sound-byte I hear so often.
Ruben’s sons and Gad’s sons make a deal with Moses
Israel’s 40 year itinerary

Cities Of Refuge
2N18 Numbers 35 and Yasher 85:13-87
The Cities of Refuge are the places that the raw-tsakh, the man-slayer, may run to in order to explain how he killed another man.

Daughters Of Zelophehad
Numbers 26-27:11 and 36
For many, the story of the daughters of Zelophehad seems to say that women can own land. I think this whole idea comes from our erroneous “wishful thinking.”

Our Journey Through Torah Continues In  Deuteronomy

This Side Of The Jordan
2D01 Deuteronomy 1-3
These are the words [hadavarim] which Moses spoke unto all Israel on this side of the Jordan; in the wilderness in the plain across Suph [the plain at Sinai], between Paran and Tophel; and at Lavan, and at Hazeroth, and at Di-zahav. (Deu 1:1)
Beni Israel Is Spiritual Seed
Who are the seed? Who are the people of Israel?
Questions and answers on the role of a woman in Yehovah’s kingdom

10 Commandments of Israels’ Elohim
2D02 Deuteronomy 4-5
The 10 commandments of Israel’s Elohim/God were given to a specific group of people. who were they?
Yehovah, Your Elohim
Who is the “your‘ in “Yehovah, your Elohim”?

“For Our Good Always”
2D03 Deuteronomy 6
Moses defines righteousness for those men who have become Israel and tells them that doing righteousness is “for our good always!” Did Yehovah ever tell anyone but His called-out Ezrach men to learn and do righteousness?
Who Is Israel?
There are many context clues in Torah for those who have eyes that see.

Yehovah’s Special Treasure
2D04 Deuteronomy 7-9
Most folks just assume they are Yehovah’s special treasure because of some doctrine and tradition of men that they have learned and believed to be true.
When You Have Eaten …
2D04 Deuteronomy 7-9
After you have eaten and are full… Who is the “you” Yehovah is talking to and what are they blessing Him for? Is this about food or something much more?

Yehovah’s New Covenant
2D05 Deuteronomy 10-11
Deuteronomy 10 begins with the replacement of the two tablets and a shadow picture of the new covenant written on the heart of Yehovah’s Ezrach man.
Beni Israel = Yehovah, Your Elohim
  2D05 Deuteronomy 10-11
Few people understand that beni Israel, or ” the children of Israel” and Yehovah,
“your” Elohim are talking about the same group of EZRACH MEN.

Seed / Sons Of Belial
2D06 Deuteronomy 12-13
Belial is not a man, a god, or Satan. Belial means wicked, lawless and worthless;
and the sons/seed of belial are worthless and lawless men.

How Does Torah Apply To Me?
2D07 Deuteronomy 14-15
Most men, and women, simply assume that they are the “YOU” when they read the word “YOU” in Torah; and fail to ask themselves, “How does Torah apply to me?”
Perversions In Deuteronomy
2D07 Deuteronomy 14-15
Augh! I am appalled at all the perversions in Deuteronomy which I have found
this week starting in chapter 12 and continuing in 14, 15 and now, even 16.

Deuteronomy 16 And Passover
2D08 Deuteronomy 16
Deuteronomy 16 is about the feasts of Yehovah; but sadly, there is no single chapter in Torah that has done more to keep people from a real Passover than it.

Within “Thy” Gates 1
Within Thy Gates 2
Within Thy Gates 3
2D09 Deuteronomy 17-18
The “thy” in “within thy Gates” is the Ezrach man who has experienced a second birth (at Passover) and the man who is in covenant with Yehovah.
A Prophet Like Moses
Twice in Deuteronomy 18 we read that a prophet like Moses would be born.
Moses’ sister Miriam prophesied saying, a male-child would be born to save Israel.

Everything below this line is our 1st journey through Torah, and it will disappear as we go through this material again.

Guilt Of Bloodshed
D16 Deuteronomy 19
The Hebrew word da-mim is translated in many ways; “guilt of bloodshed,”
“blood-guiltiness,” “blood,” and others; but the one I like best is “all the blood.”

Warriors Of God
D17 Deuteronomy 20 & 21
We are misled because we do not know who Yehovah’s people are and who those peoples’ people are.
Only His spiritually born bekor men are the warriors of God.

Torah Dress Code 1
Torah Dress Code 2
Torah Dress Code 3
D18 Deuteronomy 22
I only see two instance in Torah where Yehovah makes any commands concerning His dress code.
The first has to do with what his Ezrach men are to wear.

Bill Of Divorcement
D19 Deuteronomy 23 – 24:4
A man can not have a bone and flesh in his life who, when he her to scratch his ear,
picks his nose instead. The bill of divorcement is Yehovah solution.

A Man Shall Die For His Own Sin
D20 Deuteronomy 24
Deut 24 16 says “a man shall be put to death for his own sin.” No one, not even his son or his father, can die for him; but a righteous man shall live.

Levirate Marriage
D21 Deuteronomy 25 – 26:12
Yehovah’s instructions to His Ezrach men concerning the “levirate marriage” is
all about preserving a the name of thy brother, by producing a son for him.

Torah, The Words Of Yehovah Given To Israel Through Moses
D22 Deuteronomy 26:13 – 27
Torah, the words of the LORD (Yehovah) given to Israel through Moses. Most include
Deuteronomy as part of those words. Is it possible they are Moses’ words?

The Blessings And Curses
D23 Deuteronomy 28
The blessings and curses; Israel is blessed for following Yehovah their Elohim
(the lawmaker and judge) and cursed for following other lawmakers and judges.

Mysterious Word “Today” In Deuteronomy
D24 Deuteronomy 29 & 30
What day is this mysterious TODAY in Deuteronomy and what makes it special? And why
is there so much in Deuteronomy that DOES NOT agree the previous books?

Who Attends The Feasts Of Yehovah?
D25 Deuteronomy 31
Many are now coming into rudimentary knowledge about the Feasts of Yehovah
in these last hours of the world as we know it, but there is more to learn.

The Song Of Moses
D26 Deuteronomy 32:1-35
The song of Moses was given to Israel’s seed and to their seed (all Ezrach men) to be
a testimony against themselves (those who left to serve other elohim).

The Song Of Moses – Part 2 – Besides Me There Is No God
D27 Deuteronomy 32:35-52
Where are the gods you trust in? ”Now see that I, I, am He, and besides Me there is no God! I kill and I make alive, I raise My hand and say, I live forever!

Last Words Of Moses
D28 Deuteronomy 33
Deuteronomy 33 has the last words of Moses to each of Israel’s tribes & to Israel as a whole;
the last of Yehovah’s words to His called-out men from Moses.

Spirit Wisdom And The Rod Of His Mouth
D29 Deuteronomy 34 and Yasher 88 – 89:43
This summation of Torah relates well with Isaiah 11 which describes the prophet like Moses who also have spirit wisdom and wield “the rod” of their mouth.

The Land And The Seed
D30 Yasher 89.44 – 91 and Joshua 5 – 6
Yehovah promised Abraham both the land and the seed; and what Yehovah says, Yehovah does! But only Yehovah’s spiritual seed, His kind will inherit the earth.






































































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