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Woman of Worth

I searched the internet this morning to find a piece of art that says “a woman of worth” but the vast majority of what I found says, “women of worth” not “a woman of worth.” The internet would have us believe that all women have worth; but if that is the case, why are they so rare and so hard to find?

A Woman Of Worth – Who Can Find Her?

Who can find a woman of worth? For her value is far above rubies. The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain. (Pro 31:10-11)

My observation is that most women are quite the opposite of “a woman of worth,” and I will let you decide what to call them. Please, don’t get me wrong, for a “righteous man” is just as hard to find. Only Noah and his 3 sons came through the flood alive and that was only because Noah walked with Elohim, not his sons.

The world today will tell you that men and woman are the same, and those with a Jezebel spirit will heartily agree. But Yehovah did not create ‘the man’ and his woman equal. He created each one differently and they each have their own duties and responsibilities. We all must conform our life to His created purpose or we will send a perverted image of Yehovah and His kingdom into the world. Those who will not learn and do His ways will all surely perish from the earth.

I have written almost 200 articles to lead men into Yehovah’s eternal and unchanging ways and  dozens of articles designed to help women see what their duties and responsibilities are as a woman of worth. This note is an attempt to pull some of those writings together. So it does have a lot of links related to women.

I know, most woman will not even read past the first paragraph, but occasionally I find a woman who does want to learn and then become a woman of worth. As she begins to learn and do what Yehovah commands a woman to do, the climate in her family begins to change. A Facebook friend recently wrote me saying,

Long time no chatting. I just want to report that I have decided to become a woman of worth and started to obey my husband. Not an easy task and I still fail badly sometimes, but the changes in my house and marriage is unbelievable without me having to speak one single word. HalleluYah YHWH does not sleep nor slumber.

In the beginning I thought that to obey your man is something like to crawl in the dust before his feet and be there for him to be trampled upon whenever he likes. Big was my surprise that I did not crawl in the dust, but into his heart.

Oh – I weep every time I read these words. I think they touch me so deeply because I lost my woman and my children because my ex loved the ways of this world more than she loved me and the Creator’s ways. She received counsel from men who did not love the Creator’s eternal and unchanging ways and left me and stole my children also. Since then I swore that I would never lead any woman away from her man, her covering; that man is her only place of safety.

a woman of worthLadies, I am your best friend; ha, and your man’s best friend as well. Please, please, take to heart what I have to say. Search the words of Yehovah given to us (really given to His son, Israel) through Moses and His other prophets and you will see how everything I write fits together into a beautiful portrait of what Yehovah designed our families to look like. Begin at the top of this list and keep learning and reading. Please, don’t get mad, don’t get turned off because I am saying things that you have never heard before; choose today to become a rare and sought after gem in the world, a woman of worth.

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Here is a Q & A about women and their role in Yehovah’s Kingdom. A friend asked me to add this to my blog and this seems like a good place to add it.

Q & A about women and their role in Yehovah’s Kingdom
This was taken from my D02 Deuteronomy Sabbath class in which I introduced
the concept of Beni Israel as being Israel’s spiritual seed.
Q & A about women and their role in Yehovah’s Kingdom