Defining the Church

For me, defining the church, the ecclesia (the called out ones) begins with defining who True Israel is. The STATE OF ISRAEL are those who follow the laws of a man-made government with its statutes, judgments and ordinances and who trust in its Military Intelligence, tanks, ground to air missiles, planes, etc, etc, etc. In contrast, True Israel are those who have repented and are diligently learning our heavenly Father’s statutes, judgments and ordinances and who trust in Yehovah God exclusively for all their provisions and safety.

Our Father has only ever had one people, their name is True Israel. These people have and still come from every kingdom on the earth, just as Abraham did. When they realize that they have fallen dreadfully short of presenting the glory of our heavenly Father’s image on the earth they repent, turn from their wicked ways, leave the kingdom of their birth and join themselves to the True kingdom of Israel. Now they begin to learn, do and teach our Father’s pure and holy and righteous ways. Baptism is an expatriation from one kingdom, the kingdom in which we were originally born, into True Israel, the kingdom of our second birth.

We (men) are to reflect the perfect image of Yehovah in the earth and the only way the world can see this perfect image is if we present it to them just as Yeshua did. Paul said that we were to imitate him as he imitates Yeshua; Yeshua lived Torah in His life perfectly because he was Torah made flesh. He was our example of how to live and we must become the world’s example.

Any additions to or deletions from the instructions received through Moses, will result in a distortion of the perfect image of our God to the world. True Israel follows Yehovah God from the heart, out of love for Him; for that is where His ways are now written.

When we, the called out ones, repent and leave our respective governments, we must be called, into something as well. That something is the “good news” that John the Baptist, Yeshua, Paul, James, Peter, James, John and Jude always spoke of, the kingdom of heaven, True Israel. The word for these last days is “Come out of her (Babylon, Egypt, etc.) My people;” we must learn to follow Him exclusively and completely or we will only be the ecclesia in name only.

I have put together a video called “Baptism, a New Beginning, which describe this coming process.

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One thought on “Defining the Church

  1. Shalom!
    Am happy to be introduced to this true aliyah. I have briefly perused through a cross-section of sub-headings and hope will help me get to truth. Blessings.

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