Hebrew Calendar 2023-24

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This Is The Current, Sighted New Moon, Hebrew Calendar

Last Updated 3/24/23

[NOTE: The new moon was sighted the evening of March 23, 2023 as expected in Jerusalem, but the barley was not in the aviv. There were a few spots that were, but not throughout the land. Every man must bring his first fruits to the feast of unleavened bread. So there is a 13th month added to our calendar this year. The next new moon should be seen on Friday, April 21st at evening. If it is cloudy that day then the New month will begin on the following day at sunset by default (30th day of the month).
I will put the remainder of the calendar together on April 22nd, 2023.]


The faithful servant does know the time that the Master {Yehovah] is coming and is ready and waiting for Him.

Below is our new moon and feast day schedule for Yehovah’s people, true Israel.

Hebrew Calendar New Moons

Month On The Evening  Of Day of
1st Fri. 4/21/23 29th*
2nd Sun. 5/21/23 30th*
3rd Mon. 6/19/23 29th*
4th Wed. 7/19/23 30th*
5th Fri. 8/18/23 30th*
6th Sun. 9/17/23 30th*
7th Tue. 10/17/23 30th*
8th Wed. 11/15/23 29th*
9th Tue. 12/14/23 29th*
10th Sat. 1/13/24 30th*
11th Sun. 2/11/24 29th*
12th Mon. 3/11/24 29th*
1st Wed. 4/10/24 30th*

*Michael Didier used a program called LunaCal 4.0 to calculate these dates and only an actual sighting in Israel makes them official.

Hebrew Calendar Moedim
(Feasts of Yehovah)
All these feasts begin the previous evening at sunset and are contingent
on the actual sighting of the new moon in the 1st and 7th month.

Day of event
Feast Day
Preparation Day & Passover
Becoming as One Born in the Land
Unleavened Bread / Chag HaMatzot
Pentecost / Shavuot / First Fruit Wheat Harvest
Day of Alarm/Shouting/Blowing
Yom Teruah
Day of Coverings / Yom Kippurim
Tabernacles / Sukkot
Great Eighth Day

* Holy Convocation / High Sabbath / Day of Rest

Here is a printable PDF of the 2022-23 Hebrew Calendar (Last Updated 9/27/22)